Recipe: Yucca Fries

Serves 2-4

I never thought the day would come. I never thought I would conquer the mighty yucca. This tuber has made sweat, cry, and is quite possibly be the reason why I blacked out and went crashing to the floor one night after eating way too many Bâton de Maniocout cold for a good thirty seconds. To be fair, the next day the doctor blamed dehydration. Regardless, given my terrible past with this tuber, I have a deep need to remedy my track record, this time with yucca fries. Who can mess up fried yucca, right?

As far as fried food goes, it’s healthier than a potato but gives you the same indulgent fix. So, dip it in the oil until golden, sprinkle some salt and satisfy those munchies!


1-2 yucca
vegetable oil, for frying
salt, to taste


Make sure you’re very hungry. Yucca fries are delicious, but leftovers aren’t acceptable. They get soft.

When your stomach is growling good and loud, peel and quarter the yucca, being careful to remove the woody fibers in the center.

Cut the yucca into even smaller pieces, about the size of large potato wedges or steak fries. Yucca are quite hard, so if this is too difficult, you can go ahead and cut them up after steaming. You’ll be met with a lot less resistance.

Place in boiling water and cook until tender. Mine took about 10 minutes. Drain until they steam dry. You can even put these away to fry hours later, if desired.

Place 1-2″ of oil in your pan. Heat until about 375F on an instant read/candy thermometer. You can also test if it’s ready by dropping a bit of yucca in. If it sizzles and browns up after a few minutes, then the oil is ready.

Add yucca to pan in batches. Do not crowd. Cook until golden, moving around a bit to make sure all sides get crispy. Sprinkle with salt and eat immediately.

Dance in a circle when you realize you did not screw up another yucca recipe.

Huzzah. Or Yuccahh, as the case may be.

Success never tasted so good.

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  1. you did it!!!

  2. If at first you don’t succeed…….

  3. O man I love fried yucca, glad you were able to make success of it!


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