Crazy for the Pangolin

Ever think to your hungry self “I could really go for a giant, roly-poly, tree-climbing, toothless anteater with scales, right about now?”

Me neither.

But in Gabon it happens.

Meet the pangolin. In the old days, before extinction was a very real threat, pangolin was considered top notch bush meat – great for beefing up stews and slathering with spicy sauces.

The only catch is, once this delightful animal rolls up into a ball, even lions cannot break through the scales to get a nibble.


The scales are supposedly strong enough for armor. Just ask King George III – if you have a time machine handy (anyone friends with the Doctor?).

Happy Fun Fact Friday!

Photos: Joxerra Aihartza, Piekfrosch, Pangolin Waking Up, Acid Cow


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