Recipe: Fijian Curried Corned Beef


Serves 6-8 I'll be honest - I've spent the better part of my life avoiding corned beef. It seemed messy, unwieldy, and way too, well,... meaty. Global Table has a way of taking me out of my comfort zone, though. Turns out this one pot dish is super easy and wickedly tasty. Today we're making a Fijian version. Their special twist is a hearty helping of curry powder. If you'd like to make it even more Fijian, try swapping the potatoes with taro root and/or chunks of yucca. Also, Fijians would … [Read more...]

Recipe: Homemade Curry Powder


Makes about 1/4 cup Curry powder isn't just for India anymore. Fijians, all the way in Polynesia, also love the golden goodness. I took a look at Mark Bittman's curry recipes (he has three different ones in The Best Recipes in the World), and made a version which combines the best of his fragrant curry and mild curry. The result? An all-purpose curry that will taste great on almost anything. Except maybe ice cream. This version ended up quite a bit different than Bittman's, most notably … [Read more...]

Menu: Fiji


"He who plants a coconut tree, plants food and drink, vessels and clothing, a habitation for himself and a heritage for his children." - South Seas Proverb I love this quotation. Not only does it show the importance of the coconut in the region, but it also shows a deep regard for one's family and the future. Of course, it also makes me think of sweet Miss Ava. If there were a tree I could plant that would afford Ava all of these same luxuries my hands would be blistered from the effort of … [Read more...]

About the food of Fiji (a.k.a. how to live a good life)


"Bula" my dear friends. That's Fijian for "Hello, live life fully." And I really mean it. I hope you take risks - get the courage to talk to your cute neighbor, be brave enough to speak up when someone is in need, and spread love with every action. Make an effort to look past the superficial. In the wake of the sunami, which set Fiji on red alert this weekend, Fijians certainly were not worried about what brand shoes they were wearing (if they ever worried about this at all). They were … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Ethiopia


THE SCENE Popcorn. The final frontier. I traced my fingers along the counter tops, navigating between a giant red bowl and a small plastic bag filled with popcorn kernels. I stopped when I reached the spot the microwave was supposed to be. About this time last year, early one Saturday morning, I had a minor meltdown (in my baby blue bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, no less). I was bleary eyed. My head hurt. All I wanted in the whole, wide world was a giant mug of hot chai tea with milk. I … [Read more...]

Recipe: Ethiopian Lamb & Onion Stew (Awaze Tibs)


Serves 2-4 I was a total lamb newb before starting Global Table Adventure - I simply had never cooked it. Sure, I grew up eating it with mint jelly (although the jelly always stayed on my plate, untouched), but the actual process of making a tasty meal out of lamb was a mystery to me. Thanks to our Adventure, it's becoming rather second nature and this Ethiopian recipe might be my favorite lamb recipe thus far (barely edging out the Roast Lamb from Cyprus). Our recipe is adapted from Laura … [Read more...]

Recipe: Stovetop Popcorn


Makes 4 quarts Stovetop popcorn is a must have if you're looking to replicate an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Sure, you could pop a bag in the microwave in less than three minutes, but... well... sometimes it's more fun realizing how much you can do without special gadgets and gizmos. As far as who had more fun with this - me, Mr. Picky, or Miss Ava - it might have been me. I spent most of the time squealing while I waited for the first few to explode... I mean... pop. Also? I ate the … [Read more...]

How to eat Raw Meat like an Ethiopian (Kitfo)


If one must eat meat raw it is surely best done in this way, for the sauce gives the impression of being hot enough to cook the meat right on the tongue. - Laurens Van Der Post (as quoted in Ethiopia, Cultures of the World by Steven Gish, Winnie Thai, and Zawiah Latif) Van Der Post is talking about an Ethiopian raw beef dish called kitfo (kit-foh).  The sauce is made almost entirely of berberé - the crazy, smoke alarm hot spice blend we made recently - as well as lemon juice and a … [Read more...]