Dominican Hard-Boiled Eggs (w/ Poll)

What are you doing right this minute? Nothing? Ok, let’s go to Dominica for hard boiled eggs.

What? That doesn’t sound very exciting? Just wait.

Listen up. This is no ordinary hard-boiled egg. This is an experience.

Here’s the “recipe”:

1. Fly to Dominica. Buy a carton of eggs. Carefully pack the eggs in bubble wrap or an old t-shirt.

2. Lace up your hiking shoes. Place eggs, water and other snacks in backpack.

3. Hike muddy, mountainous terrain to “Boiling Lake.” This will take about 3 hours. Be sure to bring a guide – the Valley of Desolation, full of loose gravel and other rocks, can be particularly¬†treacherous to¬†navigate.

4. Once at the lake, place eggs, possibly with the help of your guide, into a boiling puddle. There will be several on the edges of Boiling Lake. Let boil about 10-12 minutes.

NOTE: Do not place egg in the actual lake. It is several hundred feet wide. And mega hot. Your eggs would be lost forever. And, not that it would matter, but also completely overcooked.

5. As it cooks, the egg will turn black from the sulphur.

6. Eat, swim in a hot water hole, then hike the three hours back home.

What an egg-cellent Adventure!



More information on Boiling Lake.


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