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Dominica, you reveal my dark side. The scheming, cruel woman within.

You see, I had ulterior motives for putting “Mountain Chicken” our menu this week. Although I was a little nervous to try this strange creature, I really wanted to see Mr. Picky’s reaction. I imagined him gleefully exclaiming “Mmm, fried chicken.” Then I played out the moment when,  just as he took a big bite, I would mutter “ribbit” under my breath. When he questioned me I would burst out “Mountain chicken is frog!” and laugh like a mad woman.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite play out that way. The secret slipped.

The worst part? When he found out, he nonchalantly replied… “Oh, frogs? Cool. I used to catch those in the creek with my buddies and cook them on a campfire.”

You should of seen my face.

So much for Mr. Picky.

Callaloo (Caribbean Green Soup) [Recipe]
This thick soup often includes dark green callaloo and pig tails but our version substitutes readily available spinach and ham bone. Slowly simmered with okra, habenero pepper, coconut milk, onion, and seasonings.

Caribbean Bakes (Fried Biscuits) [Recipe]
This indulgent, yet common Caribbean side dish is a pan fried biscuit. The same dough dropped into simmering broth or soup makes dumplings.

Deep-Fried Mountain Chicken (Frog Legs) [Recipe]
Regular frog legs will do for this recipe. Dipped in seasoned flour, they are deep fried until golden brown.

Grapefruit & Avocado Smoothie [Recipe]
Bitter grapefruit tang is mellowed out with creamy avocado and a splash of sugar. An unusual and refreshing drink.


  1. Jessica Bennett says

    I think most “picky” people can surprise you with something they may like. It could be a favourite dish from childhood, something they ate by accident and wound up liking, something they ate because someone they loved made it for them and they felt like they had to eat it and then wound up enjoying it. . . And your Mr. Picky really isn’t that picky. Come meet my Mr. Picky and yours will seem like an extremely well-rounded eater.

    • Sasha Martin says

      I know, he’s definitely reforming – it is definitely because of this Adventure, though. You are right, too, about picky people surprising you… never give up 🙂

    • Wow, they’d be like a young turkey leg, almost!
      Do you know how many there are left and will it be possible to save them?

      • Sasha Martin says

        The video I watched said that they are doing breeding to help reinstate this special frog – I think it is working because the Mountain Chicken is still considered a specialty in the region (however the hunting of it has been banned for a while now).

    • Sasha Martin says

      Mountain chicken is *technically* the name of one type of large frog, native to the area around Dominica and Montserrat. I love the name, though, and plan to call all frogs mountain chicken. 😉

      • Brian S. says

        In China they are called “field chicken”, or 田鸡
        This fooled me, I saw the character for chicken on a menu … and ended up with frog.

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