Recipe: Mojito

Makes 1 drink

The bold flavor of mint, lime juice, and sugar come together in this classic Cuban drink. If you have time, a simple syrup made of water and sugar cooked together is another possibility for sweetening the drink.


1/8 cup superfine sugar
a handful of fresh mint
1/2 lime, juiced
1 shot rum
crushed ice


Gather your ingredients…

Drop a healthy handful of fresh mint leaves into a glass.

Add the sugar and mash it together with the mint. Renowned author Mark Bittman says that there should be enough mint pieces to chew on.

Squeeze in the juice of a lime for that tangy wow-factor.

And a shot of rum. This is my faithful “Planet Hollywood” shot glass one of my brothers got me years ago. Remember when every kid had to have a Planet Hollywood t-shirt? I’m into the retro cool factor.

Add crushed ice, stir well and drink! Minty fresh…

Now, if only you can get your dentist to approve it!

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  1. Looks very yummy :D


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