Recipe: Bambus (Celebration Drink)

Makes 1 serving

Bambus is a creative way to help make poor wine pass. Simply sweeten with equal parts cola and wine. This clever technique is popular in Croatia, as well as many neighboring countries.


1 part cola
1 part “cheap” wine


Get a bottle of “cheap” wine. I was looking for Two Buck Chuck, but the liquor store I went to apparently doesn’t sell booze that “cheap,” so I was stuck paying $5 for this Cabernet Sauvignon.

The cola was a bit easier to find …

Pour together into a glass. We used a wine glass since they are prettier and, plus, there’s still a great deal of wine in this drink!

Give it a taste and see… does it make that “cheap” wine taste better? Hmm.

What does Mr. Picky think?

Here, have a glass. You can play this game, too!

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  1. Hmmm…I think I might leave this one to you!

  2. The Basque have this same drink but call it a calimocho (or kalimotxo). I love them! I think their ratio is a bit more wine than cola not 50/50. It seems like a weird combo but after a few sips it tastes like a delicious “adult koolaid”. Keeping an open mind can be rewarding! :)

  3. aunty eileen says:

    haha megan, absolutely. And, with few ice cubes would be nice and refreshing also I would think. I love learning something new everyday, Too bad (for the wine businesses) I don’t usually think about having a bit of wine. Does eating red grapes with sips of cola count? I do love red/dark grapes.

    Happy New Year (global) World! :-)


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