A trip down memory lane & 2 polls

1. The Ivory Coast is one of the greatest producers of cocoa beans in the world.

Little known fact: Ava still hasn’t had any chocolate. Unless you count the one time I let her lick my spoon, from my ice cream. She’s just so sweet, she doesn’t need any added sugar! Just look… she came home from the hospital that way:

2. Staples of the Ivory Coast diet include grains – like rice and millet, and tubers – like cassava and yams.

Ava’s staples include noodles and rice. But if she could, she’d eat a diet of pure chicken. All day, every day. In the beginning, Ava was a little more vocal about her needs:

3. I’m pretty sure motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Love it. Love her. Love life.


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