1. Sasha, I have been absent from here for awhile and wanted to stop by and say hi! Costa Rica was fun. I enjoyed the food and the research on that country.

    Baby girl (Ava) is adorable and I like how you are formating your posts now.

    As usual a great place to visit…

  2. Aunty eileen says

    Happy Halloween!

    I very much enjoyed The Raw Inspiration video Sasha…’respecting nature – we are part of nature.’

    Actually, I think everything on this blog is wonderful…you are doing an amazing project and you are amazingly good at it!

    And obviously you have amazingly wonderful help with Keith and Ava’s contributions with photography and videos….

    God Bless you all…

  3. Halloween lanterns are much easier to make here now since since the American ‘trick or treat’ stuff started to take hold. We had the trouble of carving lanterns out of turnips when I was a child and that’s much more work than with pumpkins. Childrens still ‘dook’ for apples though so some things don’t change, we just incorporate new ones. Hope everyone had a safe All Hallow’s Eve.

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