Recipe: Mashed Plantains

Serves 4-8

The plantain’s dense texture makes this a particularly hearty side dish. Our version is a rather coarse mash – like extra heavy duty mashed potatoes. You could keep going until it s as smooth as you’d like (you may need some hot liquid, like milk or stock, to help though).


5 ripe plantains
3 Tbsp butter


Make sure your plantains are ripe. This is what ripe looks like… the blacker they get, the sweeter they taste, and that’s a promise.

Peel and chop into even sized pieces.

Steam for 25-35 minutes, or until a fork pierces them with no resistance.

Mash with a little melted butter, salt and pepper. While it isn’t traditional, you can add milk, if needed, to loosen things up a bit.

Especially good served with sauces and stews.

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  1. […] it is loved from South America to Africa and beyond to Asia and Oceania. In fact we’ve had it mashed,¬†fried, in turnovers, with corn, with beans, and even baked in an African upside down […]

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