Video Saturday: Central African Republic

Happy Saturday! Nothing like starting your day off with a little grubworm stew... httpv:// And here are some images of Central African Republic's land... httpv:// … [Read more...]

Video Saturday: Chad

Hope you have a lovely day! A day in the life of a street corner in Chad: httpv:// A tourist video (in French): httpv:// Cooking For Dad's Images of Chad: httpv:// … [Read more...]

Fun Fact Friday: Flour in Africa (with poll)


I bought an apron this summer. It was time to face facts. I'm 31 years old, I'm a mess in the kitchen, and I'm not getting any cleaner. Flour is probably my only regular fashion accessory (although I do love necklaces). In addition, flour is almost always my only chance at "makeup." As I twirl through the kitchen, I regularly dust flour on my nose, through my hair, and - yes - even on poor little Ava. She's really a good sport though - she hardly ever notices. So, in honor of flour's … [Read more...]

Recipe: Lamb Stew from Chad


Serves 2-3 Amazingly enough, Keith had never had lamb before we embarked on our Adventure to eat food from around the world. This stew is so fresh and flavorful it won him over immediately. Serve with millet balls. The key to making good lamb stew is to simmer -never boil - the meat. For the first hour the meat will seem tough and chewy but, incredibly, in the second hour even the toughest cut softens, tenderizes and gets that "melt in your mouth" quality that makes stew … [Read more...]

Recipe: Millet Ball for Sauces & Stews


Serves 2-3 Millet flour tastes like wheat flour on steroids. These dense, rather pasty balls are traditional in parts of Africa, particularly central and eastern. They add body and substance to any number of stews and sauces. Ingredients: 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup millet flour (available at some health food stores and African markets) 1/2 cup water Method: Combine all ingredients in the top of a double boiler. Once everything is mixed together, it will be pasty and … [Read more...]

Menu: Central African Republic & Chad


This week we're eating a double feast from two neighboring countries - Central African Republic and Chad. I had a lot of time to ponder our menu, as there is little else to do while tossing in feverish delirium. ¬†Thank goodness we have a good African market in Tulsa, where I can find casssava leaves and ground melon seeds... and really explore the flavors of Africa. CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC Stewed Cassava Leaves [Recipe] Dark green leaves from the cassava plant stewed with tomato, onion, … [Read more...]

About the Food of Chad (TChad)


What a difference a few miles can make. Chad is divided into three main geographic zones - steamy Sahara dessert in the north, the central Savannah, and semi-tropical south. As the landscape changes, so too does the diet. From the north, to the south, very few cultural similarities connect the people of Chad. Northern Chad In northern Chad the people enjoy a diet rich in meat, particularly lamb. Savory pieces of meat might be grilled or stewed with vegetables, such as okra, peppers, … [Read more...]

About the Food of Central African Republic


The dusty, rolling plains of Central African Republic (CAR) lead to fertile river beds in the south, and sandy desert in the northeast. Many people live on stewed greens, cooking whatever is available, including cassava¬†(recipe), spinach, or kale. Groundnut butter (a.k.a. peanut butter) is used to add flavor and protein to food when meat is unavailable. Most often, greens are served with rice or foutou - a pasty mash of plantain or cassava. Groundnut butter is also used to add flavor to … [Read more...]