Doctor’s Orders

Greetings Adventurers.  Mr. Picky Eater here.  Sasha is down for the count with a virus of some sort.  She’s running a temperature off and on up to 103° and not able to participate in any activity other than rest or delirium.  Hopefully we’ll see you next Tuesday where we’ll be doubling up to make up for lost time.

Please take a tour through our archives this week. You can use the calendar on the right to read all the posts we’ve written, from the beginning of February! You can also look at our recipes by country.

(Insert pic of the greatest Doctor of all Time:  Doctor Who)  🙂



  1. Feel better, Sasha! (And I more than appreciate The Doctor. And #10 at that. He would be the best Doctor to deal with any problem…)

  2. Jessica Bennett says

    I know she knows the steps to get back to health, so I won’t offer any advice. I just hope she gets better quickly. I’m sure you’ll take good care of her.

  3. Tracey says

    Yikes! Feel better soon, Sasha!!

    (Not only the greatest doctor, the greatest Doctor! Thanks for that – *I* feel better!)

  4. Stephanie says

    Feel better! I’m still amazed you’ve been able to continue this each week until now.

  5. Hope you feel better soon. I have been enjoying your trek around the world and look forward to some countries where I have sponsored children! To eat things that they would eat really appeals to my family and I. Thanks for taking us on this journey! (((Sasha)))

  6. Get better soon, Sasha! But take your time and make sure to get well completely. We will all be here when you get back.

  7. Linda Bladholm says

    Sasha, I hope you are feeling better and can cook, eat and blog again. By the way what ever happened with the book give away? Let me know…

  8. globaltable says

    Thank you all for your warm wishes. I spent last week resting up – and occasionally looking at that picture of the Doctor to cheer me up 🙂

    My fever finally dropped to 99F on Friday… I’d been dealing with 102-103 most of the week.

    Tomorrow we get back into the swing of things! As always, thanks for reading and joining the Adventure 🙂

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