Recipe: Chilean Crema de Limon (Chilean Lemon Ice Cream)


I once bought an industrial ice cream maker at a church sale for $2.00. It had a built in freezer. It made a quart of ice cream at a time. It was dingy, off white, and from the eighties. It made the best "cookies and cream" ice cream ever. At the time, I had no idea what the value of a built in freezer on an ice cream maker is. (For those that don't know, they normally cost a couple hundred dollars) Well. In my blissful state of ignorance, I decided the ice cream maker was too heavy to … [Read more...]

Menu: Chile


Get your taste buds ready - this week's Chilean Global Table is going to be sweet. As in ... full of sweets. I never had much of a sweet tooth... until I was pregnant with Ava. Then it was "give me ice cream" and "let me eat cake" nonstop for 9 months. Well, really 10 months, since I was two weeks late. Two weeks. Let's just say I haven't recovered. And neither has my swollen sweet tooth. Chicken Pastel del Choclo [Recipe] Shredded chicken tossed with onion, hardboiled egg, green olives, … [Read more...]

About Chilean Food


Chile is a slice of South America as skinny as an asparagus and, yet, bursting with temptations for our Global Table! First, there's Chile's undeniable love affair with fish, eels, and anything that flips or flops (or slithers) in the water, along their rambling shores. Linda Bladholm, author of  Latin and Caribbean Grocery Stores Demystified, tells me they have the most incredible seafood. In an email to me she writes: I was in Patagonia, Santiago and the Atacama desert.  The best … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Central African Republic & Chad


Please note: Due to last week's illness, this meal review covers both Central African Republic & Chad. I'm not sure if anyone's keeping track, but I haven't had the best luck with yucca. At this rate, we'll never be friends. First, there was the Baton de Manioc fiasco- for our Angolan Global Table. That night, after eating several of the batons, I blacked out - lost hearing and sight - crashed to the floor and went into shock. The scariest part? I was holding Ava. Thankfully Keith … [Read more...]

Recipe: Stewed Cassava Leaves


Serves 4-6 Cassava leaves are highly fibrous, dense and grassy. We found ours frozen and "ground" at Ebutte Tropical Market - which saved us a lot of sweat around a mortar and pestle. You could easily double the aromatics in this recipe as the flavors rather get lost behind the domineering cassava. Ingredients: red palm oil 1 large onion, chopped 2 tomatoes, chopped 1 1/2 lbs fresh ground cassava leaves 1 Tbsp peanut butter water salt pepper Method: Thaw out some fresh … [Read more...]

Recipe: Sweet Peanut Butter Rice (Bouiller)


Serves 2-4 If you're looking for a sweet treat, but the pantry is rather dry, this African peanut butter rice might do the trick. The dish reminds me of peanut butter rice pudding - thick, sweet, and comforting. Ingredients: 1/2 cup white rice 1 1/2 cups water 1/4 cup natural peanut butter 1/4 cup sugar 1/8 cup water additional water, as needed Method: Bring water to boil. Add rice and simmer, uncovered for 15 minutes 2. Meanwhile, mix together peanut butter, … [Read more...]

Recipe: Spiced Papaya Milk


Serves 2 Thick, creamy, and spicy, this drink popular in Northern Chad is refreshing and healthy. Ingredients: 4 cups cubed papaya (if fresh is unavailable you can use 2 cans, drained) 2 cups milk 3 Tbsp sugar 1/4 tsp cardamom pinch ginger 1-2 cups ice, as desired Method: Gather your ingredients. First the beautiful papaya... drained and ready for the blender... Then the spices. Start off with just a little and add the full amount if you can handle it! :) Dump … [Read more...]

Recipe: Egusi Sauce


Makes about 2 cups Raw seeds give Egusi sauce grassy flavor and a little bit of texture. The sauce is popular in central Africa, and can be served over vegetables, meats, and fish. Ingredients: 1 small onion 1 tomato 1 chili pepper (I used a poblano from my garden, but you can go as spicy as you want with this recipe) salt red chili powder, to taste 1 1/2 cups ground egusi 1/2 cup water (or as needed) Method: Hunt down some ground melon seeds. I found these at our local … [Read more...]