Cambodian Fried Spiders? (with 2 polls)

Fried tarantulas are a delicacy in Cambodia. For 8 cents a spider, you can eat your very own. But watch out for funky spider breath (they cook it with garlic)! (Source: Woman’s Day).

Photo courtesy of Paul Mannix via Flickr.

If you aren’t into spiders, you might prefer Amok – a cooking method common in Cambodia, specifically food steamed in banana leaves. Mmm, now that sounds more like it! 🙂


Feel like taking a quiz all about Cambodia? National Geographic has one! Have fun! 🙂


  1. Rike says

    I might eat a chocolate covered ant – you know: 1. stick in mouth, 2. do not chew, 3. swallow. I do not think that anything could persuade me to eat a fried tarantula off that plate in the photo!

  2. Jessica Bennett says

    I checked off ant, but only because one crawled onto my strawberry during a picnic- very salty. I can also add fruit fly and possibly mosquito for the same reasons (not intentially).

    • globaltable says

      LOL Jessica! I guess I’ve probably eaten bugs this way too 🙂

  3. I’ve heard Fried Tarantula tastes like soft-shell crab. If i ever am lucky enough to go to Cambodia I want to try it. Also I’d like to try chapulinas (Salted grasshoppers) if I ever visit Mexico again (I was not even seven years old the only time i’ve been there.

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