Popular Foods in Burkina Faso (with poll)

Happy Friday! I’m craving a giant slice of chocolate cake. But enough about me, let’s talk about Burkina Faso!

  • Most meals in the villages are shared out of a single pot (true family style) and the right hand is used to scoop up the food.
  • The cities eat European style – fork, knife, spoon, plate.
  • Frog and toad meat is eaten “dried or fried” in Burkina Faso, with hundreds of frogs laid out to dry in the hot African sun (Photographs are available to view on National Geographic,  Fried or dried, frogs are popular food in African Markets)
  • Part of the country was colonized by France, therefore many French foods and techniques have made their way into Burkinabe tradition, such as the ubiquitous green bean.
  • Bissap, Roselle, sorrel, and Hibiscus are all names for the plant leaves that flavor Bissap Tea, high in vitamin C and believed to help reduce cholesterol


  1. carol rose says

    Does corn count as maize??????

    I do not agree that the first several foods are Burkina Faso, since they are ubiquitous.

    • globaltable says

      I didn’t meat to imply that these foods are unique to Burkinabe – just that they are popular there. Hope that helps! I’ll add the word popular to the poll to clarify.

      And yes, Maize is what they call corn. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Here’s another fact: if you’re a woman looking to get wed, Burkina is a great place to find a mate. In the east and center of the country, the dominant tribe — who once had a fairly large empire starting in 1600 — is the Mossi. Young Mossi women want (or are forced) to marry older, prosperous men. Since these old men take many wives, most of the younger men just can’t find a wife so they would be thrilled to marry YOU!!!

    • globaltable says

      The young guys can solve their problem by starting a hip singles club.. one that the older guys would be too tired to stay up and party at.

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