Three Interesting Facts About Bulgaria (with Poll)

It’s a beautiful morning here in Tulsa. The birds are chirping, the sky is blue, and Keith got up with the baby last night!

Here’s a few fun facts …

Bulgarian Rose oil

Bulgaria is one of the world’s largest producers of rose oil. This liquid gold is used to flavor chocolates, liqueurs, and jams. Oh, and rose scented perfume, but you shouldn’t eat that. The primary producer is called the Valley of the Roses (located in central Bulgaria, in the town of ┬áKazanluk).

Engraving of a Harvest in the Valley of the Roses, 1870, Felix P. Kanitz

Hidden treasures in Bulgaria

In 1985, a villager from Rogozen was digging a well in his vegetable garden and unearthed 165 silver and gold vessels. The loot is now on display in Bulgaria. This is just one of several similar stories!

What would you do if you found treasure in your garden? Turn it in, sell it, or keep it?

Photo Courtesy of The Bulgarian National Museum of History

Yogurt & cheese are staples

Cheese and yogurt are extremely popular in Bulgaria.┬áSirene cheese is salty, crumbly, and firm – much like feta. Kashkaval is technically the Bulgarian term for any yellow cheese, however the term has come to mean any cheese that is not Sirene.

Some doctors claim that those who eat a diet high in lactic acid producing bacteria (found in yogurt) live longer lives. Yay for Bulgaria!

Happy Friday!



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