The Concord of Barbados

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– Barbados is tiny at only 430 square kilometers. The island was uninhabited when the British moved in to make sugar plantations. As a result there is not much that can be grown commercially on the island, aside from sugarcane, some vegetables, and cotton (Source: CIA World Factbook).

– Although the supersonic Concorde planes have been permanently grounded, one was retired to Barbados to serve as a museum for tourists and locals.


Photo courtesy of Arpingstone

– Flying Fish and cou cou is the national dish of Barbados. Cou cou is a smooth puree of cornmeal peppered with okra.

– I’ve asked around. Rumor has it there’s not a whole lot of veggies being eaten in Barbados. The veggie-type foods they do eat include sweet potato, asparagus, plantains, okra, and cucumber.

– Bakes, made of flour, water, and sugar, are considered the most basic food in Barbados. According to Totally Barbados:

Bakes are affectionately known as “survival food”, and rightfully so because when cupboards are bare, you can almost always find these three ingredients somewhere.

– Jimmy Buffett loves Barbados; one of his favorite drinks comes from this island. I’ve not seen a name for it, so I’ve called the drink “Spiked Coconut Water.” The recipe will be online Monday morning. 🙂 Here’s how Buffett describes the drink:

It’s basically just good Caribbean rum, coconut water — the clear stuff from the coconut that you can now get in Whole Foods; not Coco Lopez — a fresh piece of lime, and lots of ice. That’s it. No bubbles, lots of electrolytes, and no hangover — if you don’t drink a gallon.

Source: Men’s Journal

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