While I’m Cooking: Bahrain & TulsaPeople

If you haven’t already heard, I made it into the May issue of TulsaPeople Magazine. Woo hoo!

But, before I show you that, let’s watch a couple of videos all about Bahrain.

Ok, ok, ok…. now….let’s go check out Global Table in Tulsa People!!!

Special thanks to Judy Allen, Food Editor. I’m honored she included this project in her Table Talk section. Did you know she was the Senior Food Editor for Martha Stewart Living from 1999-2003? Pretty awesome. I wonder if she would have mentioned Global Table in MSL too? Ah, Dreams… (yes, with a capital “D”) :)

Anyway, here’s the whole article (and if you live in Tulsa you can pick up copies all around town):


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  1. Brian S. says:

    I don’t know her but I bet Martha Stewart would be impressed by the way you whip up an elaborate dinner every week and serve it with breezy elegance.

  2. aunty eileen says:

    I have always liked Martha Stewart since I first saw her on tv. I have always admired her… I could watch and listen to her all day if I could. She is extremely talented/gifted and I think funny, She inspires and works hard with her many good helpers/staff to make the world a more beautful and civilized place.

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