The National Weed of Antigua & Barbuda (poll)

Although I could not find a lot of information on Antigua and Barbuda, I still learned many interesting things this week (and had particular fun learning about Rodonda).

1. The National Fruit is the black pineapple, a small sweet pineapple that is grown on the main island.

2. The National Weed is the “widdy widdy.” The widdy widdy was eaten by slaves in a dish called Popololo. The high protein weed becomes slimy when cooked and is a known laxative.

3. Antigua was used for sugar cane cultivation, while soil impoverished Barbuda was used for cattle rearing.

4. The two main islands are a few hours apart by boat.

5. Theycall bananas… figs

6. Food related sayings from Antigua Museums:

Back can wait, but not belly.
Bellyful bruk pot.
Bellyful man tell hungry man ‘Keep heart buddy’
Better man belly bus’ than good food waste.
Buy you’ own n’yam (food), n’yam according to you’ pocket.
Every day a fishing day,but no other day a catching day(Tings not always bright)
Every good fungi no meet good pepperpot (Not every person meets a suitable companion)
Hungry belly an’ full belly no’ walk one pa.
If you can’t get turkey, satisfy with cock chicken.
Lil pepper burn big man’s mout.
Nonsense man eat soup wid fork,rice wid pin, eat parch corn an’ lik’ him finger.
Rice what bubble in de pot, lie flat on de plate.
Some whiskey burn you pocket, some yo troat.

Thanks to Antigua Museums and Silver Torch, among others.


  1. Brian S. says

    The sayings are very much liks some I encountered in Nigeria and Cameroon. There’s an incredible book called “Life with the Baoulé” about an Ivory Coast people. In this book, it says that proverbs are especially important, used to discuss and inspire behavior. Also food is used as a metaphor for many things because while a European thinks of SEEING the truth, an African thinks in terms of TASTING the truth. Taste is the metaphor of choice for knowledge.

  2. James says

    Oh the wonderful black pineapple!!! My wife and I went to Antigua for our honeymoon and not only was it beautiful, but that darn pineapple was amazing. I think that I gained 5 pounds by eating only that fruit.

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