About the food of Antigua & Barbuda: 3 Caribbean Islands?

Call me a sucker, but I like to root for the underdog. This week her name is Redonda.

That’s right. The microstate “Antigua and Barbuda” is actually made up of three islands: Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda.  The combined population is nearly 86,000, with Redonda contributing zero.

I guess this is why Redonda gets left out of the name.

Since I feel bad for Redonda I spent an inordinate amount of time looking up information on her.

First fact: Redonda is about 500 hundred acres large.

That’s less than a square mile.

Here’s a picture:

As you can see, the island is totally uninhabitable. The steep cliffs and total lack of freshwater make that a done deal.

But… can’t you just see the Little Prince vacationing here with his rose?

What I find incredibly funny is that Redonda, population zero, is under dispute by at least four kings who claim the island as their own.  The story is summarized in Wikipedia for anyone who is interested in the silly details.

I guess I am not the only one who wished more for Redonda.

With some regret, I will now move on. Let’s discuss the food of the main islands, Antigua and Barbuda.

The people of this former British colony are known for loving pineapple, bananas, curry, peppers, and grapefruit. And let’s not forget fish! While some limited crops are grown on the islands, most foods are imported from surrounding countries. The food is reminiscent of Creole, although the locals still enjoy British style tea and sandwiches (they just gained independence in 1981).

I’m looking forward to this one. Although, in my heart, I’ll be eating the meal on Redonda. (The dot on the bottom right corner of the map below)


  1. Grammie Sue aka Mom aka susan says

    This is too funny….Just what the doctor prescribed…HUMOR…I miss Auntie Eileen’s travel stories….

  2. Brian S. says

    You got me interested and I found some old stuff on Google:

    Here is a neat description of Redonda written in 1856. It says Redonda is a republic… a republic of birds!


    and here’s one from the 1880s about the beauty of the big rock:


    and here is an article from the 1890s about phosphate mining in Redonda:


    • Thanks for this! I enjoyed reading through… also, my husband found a map that identified areas of the island… they have names like “the post office” etc… even though its uninhabitated. Very fun!

  3. Tina says

    Do you kno who would totally live here? A Bond villain! It probably has a hidden hinged sunroof to launch a missile from or a subaquatic entrance to its hollow center! And the question is, WHAT does the villain’s chef cook for him there?!

    • !!!!! Tina… this is brilliant. You are so right 🙂 I’m guessing they would cook up the birds Brian mentioned in his comment lol.

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