Angolan Peace Song

You may be aware that Angola was in civil war from 1975-2002 (after winning independence from Portugal). This war devastated Angola, but they are working hard to put the pieces back together.

Here is a beautiful Angolan peace song (with English subtitles).

Want to learn more about Angola?

Read the story of 5 men who ride their motorcycles through Angola. Even if you aren’t interested in their story, I highly recommending looking through the photos. They really give you a sense of what the Angolan countryside is like. Here’s just one of a hundred photos (there are 50 pages of text and photos):


  1. Brian S. says

    In the years just before the civil war, the Luanda rock music scene sizzled. One member of a top band said that being in a band then was like being in a top football team; when his band walked into a club, all his supporters would cheer (and rival bands’ groupies would hiss). This was the late sixties and early seventies, a golden time in America too. Here, for your listening pleasure, are a hundred songs from that halcyon era.

    I put this link in an earlier post but I am putting here, cause it is more appropriate. Sorry for double post.

  2. aunty eileen says

    Sasha: Thank you so much for the story and pictures of the 5 men riding their way through Angola. I spent two hours tonight enjoying reading their adventure with spectacular pictures. A presentation one of the bikers did that I would say is worth the time to absorb and enjoy and will not disappoint… and like the writer/author said and a blogger said: “the real story is about the people.”

    I hope you had a wonderful Angolian dinner party tonight Sasha and hope to see your husband’s reviews on here also?

    ….why not Keith? : )

    • I think this is a great idea! He’s not sure so sure lol.

      I am so glad you enjoyed the web site. Their story is amazing! 🙂

  3. aunty eileen says

    Sasha: I was a picky eater when I was young and still like to use mostly basic spices : ) and not too much as I don’t like to mask the flavor of the main ingredients… so it would be interesting for me to know honest feedback from your picky eaters….why not? Obviously the meals you prepare are outstanding, they look to be from the pictures. But, I would be curious how all the different spices and flavors appeal to those eating the meals…it truly is a fine art to be able to make just the right mixture of spices, textures, etc. for appealing to peoples tastes.

    Great job Sasha! …and yes, that story is amazingly well done and I felt as if I was watching a movie.

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