Would you dare? (Video & Poll included)

Trout is a favorite in Andorra. They serve the fish whole, either grilled or pan-fried. I found this video to show you just how easy it is to prepare fish this way.

I have a few friends that will not touch a whole fish. They say the eyes bug them out. Even knowing that this is the tastiest way to eat a fish does not convince them.

So what about you? Would you dare?


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  1. Very intriguing title to the post. A friend told me that in her culture they fight over the eyes because apparently they are very tasty and a delicacy :-)

  2. Grammie Sue aka Mom aka susan says:

    I like her approach in the video…you know – all that stuff about respecting the fish and talking to the fish….
    bound to make the result tastier since the fish will be more apt to cooperate …no mad-fish desease here!!

  3. like talking to plants makes them grow healthier…mmmm…I’m a believer!

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