Seasonal Cooking in Andorra

If this weekend’s forecast read 80 degrees and sunny, instead of 30 degrees and snowy, I would have plans to cook around a campfire. Campfire cooking is traditional in Andorra during the warm season.

I’m a little bitter because I just know Trout grilled over rhododendron branches would be excellent.

But here we are, in February, so let’s talk about Andorra’s winter plate.

Andorrans follow the seasons with their foods. The winter plate is loaded with cold loving produce such as mushrooms, spinach, and cabbage. Also present are vegetables that can be stored throughout the winter, such as potatoes.

During the long winter months Andorran food is straightforward, stick to your ribs, “food of the people” food. With the winter we’ve been having, I’m looking forward to it!


  1. aunty eileen says

    ha ha Sasha: Makes me remember when a Russian family showed me their stored onions under their bed. I am not kiddin, completely under the whole lengh and width of their bed were onions : ) I knew they knew I would be shocked because as they were holding their bed cover up and then I looked up… they were smiling. They hadn’t warned me why they wanted me to look under their bed : )

    They also had a deep hole in the ground to store vegetables at their dacha where they grew their vegetables. One season I went was harvest time at their dacha and I am not kiddin either, that some of the carrots they were harvesting were like up to 20 times the thin size of the carrots we find in our supermarkets… maybe their little dacha land is alot more fertile and less contaminated of course…

    Nice job with your last feast sasha… I like this menu that you are now working on relating a country I never heard of before. Well, except for the cooked raisins and mushrooms…. but, I will just ‘pick’ them out or better yet make half without. : )

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