Tidbits about Albania

1. Businesses shut down around noon for a few hours to enjoy the main meal of the day.

I could get behind this. Really, I could.

2. Dessert is not common, but oranges, apples, nuts, and berries are.

The question is not if, but how my husband would murder me if I removed sweets from our home.

3. Men and women traditionally eat at separate tables.

I was always a fan of the children’s table, but not so much this.  Afterall, I have opinions and they need to be heard by as many people as possible!

4. Albanians eat dinner around 8pm.

I’m already in my pyjamas at 8pm. This would never work in our home.

5. Heart disease and obesity are rare due to low consumption of meat and high consumption of vegetables.

Yum, vegetables! Eat more vegetables!

6. Heart disease and obesity are due to low consumption of meat and high consumption of vegetables.

Repeated for my husband’s benefit.

Source: Albania, Enchantment of the World, by David K. Wright

Lifestyle influences diet:

Historically, rural Albanians spent most of their time outdoors and took shelter only when the weather forced them to. As a result, the staples of their diet are simple foods that they can easily prepare in the open – cornbread, vegetables, and cheese. Although Albanians raise livestock, meat is a luxury reserved for festive occasions.

Source: Albania, by Aaron E. Lear

Q: What world-famous woman was from Albania? She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

A: Find out tomorrow!


  1. aunty eileen says


    ha ha again sasha:

    How nice to choose the name ‘teresa’… a great family name of ours. : )

  2. I know the answer to your little quiz! 🙂

    A lot of European countries shut down at lunch, including Spain and France. I’m half-French, so have spent a lot of time in France. The post office is closed daily from 12-2, so that the workers can enjoy lunch, the biggest meal of the day. It makes more sense if you think about it. Eat a lot at lunch, have a siesta and have a smaller meal for dinner. Probably also explains why obesity is less prevalent.

    • Stephanie,

      How cool! I lived in an outskirt of Paris called Montesson. In terms of businesses closing at lunch – it was hit and miss.

      What part of France do you visit? I find the south is more consistent about shutting down – probably due to the heat?

      PS. your daughter is incredibly adorable 🙂

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