Video & Poll: How to make Albanian Lamb in Yogurt

How do Albanians prepare their food? Who better to ask than a local… with an accent to die for.

In this video a woman from central Albania prepares Tava Elbasani, Lamb in Yogurt. She literally bathes the lamb in yogurt prior to baking. The resulting gravy-custard is the most intruiging part of this dish.

This Saturday I’ll give it a whirl… would you?

I really want to know…

Would you? Could you? In your house? Eat Tava (there’s no mouse!)?

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  1. That really does look good! Yummm :)
    BTW, I like both of their accents, makes me feel all bubbly inside! ;)
    I’m excited about your Albanian dishes, cant wait to hear all about them!

  2. Grammie Sue aka Mom aka susan says:

    OMG: This will be to die for. Sour cream or yogurt are the basic ingredients in meat dishes…stews throughout Hungary, Turkey, etc.
    They give the sauces and gravies such a nice tang…perfect to offset the gaminess of fresh red meats.

  3. I love both accents and I would certainly make this. I’ve never done any Albanian cooking and this would be a great dish to start with. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  4. mhmmm, lamb!

  5. aunty eileen says:

    ha ha ha….

    now really sasha… I bet your kitchen isn’t that small?

    : )

  6. Grammie Sue aka Mom aka susan says:

    My choice would be to saute until lightly browned – not boil..

  7. Grammie Sue aka Mom aka susan says:

    Correction: BRAISE…not Saute.
    In otherwords, how do they get the flavor out of the meat by boiling it to death…unless they are looking for mild & neutral….definitely NOT Hungarian..Also, the Hunks would utilize Paprika!!

    • Yes, I agree… braise would be better. I almost wonder if this is what she meant. Sometimes she mixed up words. For example, she called the broth “stuffing.”

      They actually do love paprika, they call it red pepper. I also think it would go well with this dish. :)

  8. I have not had lamb in a long time. Yogurt is a great way to tenderize and marinade the meat. Also works great with wild game fowl to get the wild taste out of it.

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