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  1. Jody Zetterquist says

    Hi Sasha – I am the teary-eyed woman who asked you to sign your book for my daughter, Janelle at West Coast Live yesterday. I was already reading a wonderful book by Gay Talese, “Unto the Sons” about Italian/American heritage but had to drop it to pick up your book. I’m down to the last 3 chapters, and have taken in every bit of the depth of your soul. While I have not encountered nearly the heartache you have experienced, I do know adversity. And I know that thru it, you can either whither away in self-pity, or you can look at life thru a different set of lenses than those who have not shared those difficult times. It has become a part of who I am, each and every day. Whether it be at work, in my neighborhood, or in my travels, I let my heart tell me to embrace each and every moment as a gift. You clearly demonstrate that same passion, and perhaps that is what touched me so deeply when listening to your story. Continue to cherish the simple things that make life so very special. Thank you for your wonderful story, I will tuck it away in my treasure of memories of what makes life important. – jody zetterquist

  2. Robin Springer says

    Hi! Looking forward to getting your emails & checking out the new recipes on Pinterest. Thank you!

  3. Robin Ramon says

    I’m just finishing your book, which I truly love. I’ve ordered the hard copy so I can have those lovely recipes at hand. Thank you so much for your honesty, courage and inspired writing.

  4. Andrew Hill says

    I just read your book over the weekend and loved it! Thank you for sharing your story and the food! I look forward to trying new recipes!

  5. Tina says

    I also just read your book over the last couple of days. An incredible story that really spoke to me as it had some similarities to my own experiences. Thank you for writing such a great book. I look forward to trying many of your recipes. Maybe German Tree Cake for the birthday party this weekend……

  6. I so enjoyed reading your book. I started yesterday and finished this morning. There were tears and happiness for you.

  7. Mary Fraser says

    I just put down your book, which had me in tears throughout. It is an amazing life story and I am thrilled- and jealous- of your happy ending. I am making most of your recipes, especially the German Tree Ring cake. Thank you for the joy and pleasure of reading this great book. Mary

  8. I have to say, I thought, what is this woman doing in Tulsa of all places!? I don’t think I would have done as beautifully as you have.

  9. I began your book yesterday and haven’t quite finished. However, I had to stop and look up your blog! Your story is definitely the American dream. My children are older than you, yet when they were young, I made food from a different country once a week. We talked about the country and looked up information about that country. We didn’t have Google but we had encyclopedias. It was so much fun! I wish I had your blog then because there was no way to find recipes from small or Third World countries. I did have a cookbook that featured recipes from the more prominent countries. We let the children choose which country they wanted to do that week. I want to say thank you. You are providing a service that will expand the horizons of numerous children and families. Today my children are grown and have families of their own. The positive outcome is not one of them is a picky eater. All three are good and adventurous cooks and most of their children not picky. Two of them travel internationally and enjoy the local cuisine. Congratulations on many levels!

  10. Janet says

    I just found your blog and am so excited to receive your newsletter and read your book. I looooove travel and have always longed for their food once I come home, it never dawned on me that I could actually make it myself!

  11. Barbara Bubar says

    Sasha—-not only do you “cook”– your writing is incredible. How you managed to write your memoir in such an absorbing, meaningful, truly heartfelt way—really, really wonderful. I could not put “you” down! It’s way beyond just food. I feel as though I know you—and what a delightful friend you are!

  12. Mary Ann says

    love your book…funny I was thinking last week I need to do some different recipes
    getting tired of the ones I have been doing all winter…next day I get your book from
    the library…thank you so much for writing and sharing your experiences…Ma

  13. Madeline Dummerth says

    When Google RSS feeds went away I sort of lost your blog and in a strange turn of events (4 years later with a deploying husband who really wants to try that lovely Irish cake for his early birthday celebration) I have found you again! I couldn’t be more excited and I have already let my family know that your book would be a great gift. Thank you for continuing this fantastic journey around the world.

  14. Rhonda Melvin-Alvarez says

    Loved your video! Can’t wait to get your book for myself, my daughter, and future gifts. Would you possibly be doing anymore book signings in Tulsa?

  15. Hi Sasha! I enjoyed getting to know you through your site. I am the principal of a Global Studies school in North Carolina. I can’t wait to share Global Table Adventures with my faculty. We are looking for super easy global treats for our students. I love the way your sight is organized by regions and food types. Thank you –

  16. Hey Sasha! Thinking this is the best day ever! Just discovered your lovely site. So eager to get cooking. What a beautiful place you have here. Thanks for sending me your newsletter and updates. I look forward to purchasing and reading your book soon – as in as soon as I sign off from this page. Blessings to you and your family. Thanks, Allison.

  17. Cindy Henderson says

    Hello Sasha! I just discovered your site and placed a hold at the library for your book. I am a teacher looking for ways to bring books and food from around the world into my classroom. Thank you for this terrific website! Take care, Cindy

  18. Hi Sasha! We heard your interview with Christopher Kimball on his Milk Street Podcast. You have such poise and grace! Amazing stories, both in your memoir and in your cooking challenge. Looking forward to learning more and about you through your newsletters!

  19. Lisa T says

    Loved, loved, LOVED the book. I purposefuly waited to read it in the fall when I knew my “cooking bug” would reawaken – so glad I did. Can’t wait to make some of the recipes for my family. Looking forward to receiving the newsletters. Being a North Shore girl (north of Boston for the rest of the country) I appreciated the local flavor as well. 🙂


  20. Oh Sasha, cannot thank you enough for sharing your story, your journey, your heartache, your joys and of course your recipes. Your book hit me hard – the relationship with your mother hitting more than one vulnerable and tender spot – but it helped me see a bit clearer and I believe, made me feel more compassion for my mother’s story and journey. Very excited to have found you, your book, your blog and your recipes! Very excited for you!!!

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