Swedish Princess Cake | Prinsesstårta

They say this spring green dome from the 1930’s made with layers of sponge cake, raspberry jam, custard, and whipped cream is DIFFICULT. Everyone says so, in fact, except for the Swedes. Curious, right? I finally figured out why: Swedish folk have great recipes and three quarters of a century’s worth of tips and tricks up their sleeves. Like, ahem, pre-rolled marzipan and boxed custard. I even saw one Swedish video which used prepacked cake, already sliced in thirds. “We all start out as children.” This Swedish Proverb hints at what I learned, first hand, when making this cake: we must crawl before we can walk, we must be children before we are grown. Experience comes one step at a time. Considering I made each part of this cake 3 times, and messed it up terribly along the way… I thought you might benefit from my errors. So, do forgive me, but before we get into the recipe, I must tell you about the top five mistakes I made when making this cake, so you don’t do …

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Caramel Milk Candies | Dulce de Leche Candy

Makes about 36 candies Behold my epic fail – homemade “Caramel Milk Candies.” I planned to make these typical South American candies for Halloween. Little did I know, I was in for a real mystery even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t solve. You see, metal cans are not transparent. I was literally cooking blind. As I learned, this is a tragic prospect when it comes to candy making. Despite my diligent efforts (nerdy, even) to make and remake these candies, I failed.  I’d keep going, except I’m terrified of my next gas bill. Ingredients: 1 can sweetened condensed milk parchment paper Method: 1. Bring water to boil. Choose a pot an inch or two taller than the can of sweetened condensed milk. Meanwhile, remove the label from the can. You’ll thank me later, when you don’t have to clean paper shreds out of your pan. 2. Make two holes in your can. This is a safety measure. Not everyone does this. I do because I’m not that into exploding cans. 3. Place can in boiling water. Cover …

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