Angolan Chicken Stew | Muamba de Galinha

Serves 4 Muamba de Galinha gets its unique flavor from Red Palm Oil. This spicy stew tastes great with yuca, or serve over rice. Ingredients: 1 lemon, juiced 4 garlic cloves, crushed 1/2 tsp salt 1 1/2 tsp chili powder 1 chicken cut into quarters 1/2 cup red palm oil 3 onions, diced 1 whole chili pepper 3 tomatoes, quartered 1 lb pumpkin cut into 1.5″ cubes 1 cup chicken broth 1/2 lb frozen okra Method: 1. Mix lemon juice, 2 garlic cloves, salt, and chili powder and rub on the chicken and marinate for one hour (or up to one night). 2. In a large pot heat oil. Brown chicken on all sides. Avoid crowding. Do this is in several batches if you have to. 3. Add onions, remaining garlic, chili pepper, and tomatoes. Bring to a simmer and cover. 5. Cook on low for about 1 hour, or until chicken is tender. 6. Add squash, chicken stock and okra. Cook for 15 minutes or until everything is tender. Serve hot. Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You: Rate this recipe! Print Recipe Muamba de …

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