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Monday Meal Review: Jordan

  THE SCENE I had a lot of time to think while caramelizing the four giant onions for the mujadddara. Ninety minutes, to be exact. My eyes were puffy and red from the sharp fumes. The scent clung to my hair and clothes. As the onions burned hotter and hotter, they released their juices until they were swallowed up in their own bubbling oniony swimming pool. It took at least 45 minutes for the liquid to steam off. I thought they would never start browning. As I stood there, stirring the soupy mess, my mind ran over and over the the last few months. One thing kept popping back up. About how I haven’t told you yet. How I’ve shied away from being real with you, my dear, trusting friends (and I’m so glad you’re here). As the onions finally dried out enough to begin caramelizing, I promised myself to to tell you. And not just part of the truth. The whole thing. Because that’s life. It’s real. So, here goes. Keith’s 21 year-old son is going to …

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Jordanian Inspired Spiced & Grilled Chicken

Serves 4 There was a time when I wasn’t a very good cook, but I sure liked to try. Every night I rifled through my spice collection, eventually sprinkling a little of this and a little of that on top of whatever I was making. And when I say a little I mean a little. A speck. A drop. A dusting. My food never had much flavor because I was scared to overdo it. I’ve since learned (mostly thanks to my time at the Culinary Institute of America) that you need to be brave – bold – generous – when seasoning food. In every culture there’s a collection of common spices used in dishes. If you pull them together just right you can make anything taste great. And the happy side effect? Instant teleportation via stove top travel. This recipe is inspired by the Jordanian chicken in Steven Raichlen’s book Planet Barbecue! which is loaded up with the earthy and intoxicating flavors of cumin, coriander, paprika and more, marinated on a bed of sliced onions. I’ve made the recipe a …

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Arabian Cardamom Coffee

There’s nothing as relaxing as sharing a cup of coffee with a dear friend. It helps you celebrate the life you are in. A part of the past. A bearer of the future.  Everything connected. There are even coffee ceremonies organized around this special drink, in which the raw beans are carefully washed before grinding and brewing. To make an extra special pot of coffee, grind the seeds of 3-6 cardamom pods for every 1/4 cup of coffee. Brew as normal – with a smile and a friend… … while laughing about nothing at all. And everything, too. Votes: 1 Rating: 5 You: Rate this recipe! Print Recipe There’s nothing as relaxing as sharing a cup of coffee with a dear friend. It helps you celebrate the life you are in. A part of the past. A bearer of the future. Everything connected.Arabian Cardamom Coffee CourseDrinks Food TypeHot Drinks, Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Sasha’s Favorite Recipes Servings 2-3people Servings 2-3people Ingredients 3-6 cardamom pods 1/4cup coffee grounds Instructions Grind the seeds of 3-6 cardamom pods for every 1/4 …

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Snacktime in Jordan

The weather finally took a turn here, in Oklahoma. Over the course of 24 hours we dropped rather suddenly from 100+F degree temperatures to a rather balmy 70 something or other. I’ve never been happier. The proof: I did two cartwheels on our freshly cut lawn. I’m guessing it’s been at least 8 years since I last did a cartwheel. My hands ended up covered in grass clippings, but it was totally worth it. In the spirit of the perfect picnic weather, I’m sharing an unusual Jordanian snack – flatbread, watermelon, and white cheese. I learned about it at Landlopers, where Matt tells his readers: First, a small slice of the sweet watermelon was consumed, followed by some bread with the salty white cheese. A true culinary oddity, it all worked together in a perfect melody of taste and texture. The watermelon cut the saltiness of the cheese, which in turn acted as the perfect compliment to the sweet fruit. I’m totally in. Are you?

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Lentil & Bulgur Pilaf | Mujaddara

Serves 6 Generosity. When people give it freely you feel loved. Taken care of. Your spirit smiles from the inside out. Your day is instantly better. It’s one of the most splendid qualities a person can have. In Jordan, as in many of the region’s countries, generosity to strangers is an honored mealtime practice. In times of plenty, the best part of the meal goes to the stranger. Even in poverty the last crumb goes to the hungry stranger. Today we explore Mujaddara – a splendid vegan dish that will fill a large platter and then some. Perfect for practicing generosity. Sometimes made with bulgur and sometimes with rice, Mujaddara is always made with lentils and caramelized onions. Get ready for fantastic twist on pilaf. Recipe inspired by the post at Ingredients: Garnish: 4 extra-large onions, sliced in half moons 1/2 cup olive oil pine nuts & raisins (optional) For the pilaf: 2 cups lentils 1 cup bulgur 5 cups water salt pepper Method: Let’s make a loving gift from a simple meal. In the spirit of …

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Menu: Jordan

I’m feeling rather minimalist, especially after cooking Japan last week. Thankfully Jordan has plenty of recipes that fit the bill. This week’s menu is organized around the beauty of simplicity. Each of our Jordanian dishes celebrates fresh, clean but intense flavors, from caramelized onions in an otherwise simple pilaf, to a few cardamom seeds ground into regular coffee. Even plain chicken breasts can be perked up with a blast of straightforward spices. After all, life is easier when you strip away the complications. And aren’t we all more likely to try something new if it’s not too far out of our comfort zone? What sounds good to you? Mujaddara (Lentil & Bulgur Pilaf) [Recipe] A giant, fluffy mound of lentils and bulgur served with oodles of caramelized onions. This affordable, nutrient packed dish will make you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Jordanian Inspired Spiced & Grilled Chicken [Recipe] A simple spice blend to give plain ‘ol chicken breasts a kick in the pants. Arabian Cardamom Coffee [Recipe] Fresh coffee beans ground with cardamom seeds. Floral, intoxicating, and all natural. Snacktime in …

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Petra, Jordan. Photo by Bernard Gagnon.

About the food of Jordan

Jordan is a desert wonderland – generally hot, dry, arid – and full of some of the most fabulous landmarks around. Just ask Hollywood – they love using Jordan’s unique scenery in films. Most notably, there’s the city of Petra, carved into rose colored stone – existing only in legends for 7 centuries until it was uncovered in 1812 deep in the desert rocks. How cool is that? It’s like the lost city of Atlantis, found… the stuff of dreams. Since it’s discovery, the allure of this city built into the stone has captivated millions, particularly Indiana Jones, in his last crusade. For real. Jordan also lays claim to the lowest point in the world – the Dead Sea at (-)1378 feet. That’s pretty low. But don’t worry – you won’t sink. The salt makes the water so thick that it’ll keep you afloat. This funny characteristic of the Dead Sea reminds me of  life – even when you’re at your lowest, someone or something will keep you afloat, as long as you just throw …

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