Monday Meal Review: Nauru

After a few minutes of rummaging through the kitchen, I find a plastic bottle in the refrigerator door, half full of water. The bottle is from Ava's trip to the zoo a couple of weeks ago and is covered with tigers, zebras, and lions. Apparently, it's the only bottle in the house. I remove the lid and slowly begin to fill it with iced coffee. For an odd, fleeting moment, I find myself wishing I had more plastic bottles laying around to use. I shake my head at the silliness. "What are you … [Read more...]

Recipe: Coconut Crusted Fish

I like to do what makes sense. And in Nauru fish is the natural meal, considering beautiful, fresh fish can be found just two steps outside of most people's doors. People love to eat it any which way - particularly on the grill, deep fried and pan fried. Today we're doing a crispy coconut crusted rockfish - a fish native to the Pacific waters as a nod to our Nauruan friends. This fish is light, flaky and has a wonderful mild flavor, rather like cod. After gentle panfrying, squeeze on fresh … [Read more...]

Recipe: Nauru’s “Recycled” Iced Coffee (with poll)


Iced coffee doesn't sound very exotic until you realize that it isn't so much the coffee that is totally Nauru, but how they drink it. If you pull up to a roadside shack and order an iced coffee you won't have to ... ... say tall, venti, or grande ... worry about what syrups, double whips, or skinnies you need to specify ... spend half a fortune, before tax You will, however have a choice of ... ... sugar or more sugar ... milk or more milk ... and, of course, whether you'd like your … [Read more...]

Recipe: Grilled Island Fries

Ok. So even in the summer I crave french fries. But I don't crave heating up a big pot of oil inside the house. There's a solution: grilled fries. The fine people of Nauru love their fries. While most of them enjoy deep-fried fries, we covered that with Belgium Pommes Frites. So, inspired by their island setting - where the fine people of Nauru love to grill - I thought it'd be fun to try grilled fries. And it was fun. In my research I found several ways to make these, including … [Read more...]

Menu: Nauru

See the look on our faces? Yep. This week's menu for Nauru reflects fun, easy breezy island fare - all you need is one bite to feel the joy. The only thing we're missing is the ocean breeze. I can't decide if the best part is making fries on a grill, the simplicity of fresh pan-fried fish, or drinking iced coffee out of plastic bottles. What!?¬†What. Seriously. Stay tuned for more explanation on that. What sounds good to you? Grilled Island Fries¬†[Recipe] This week the Nauruan love of all … [Read more...]

About the Food of Nauru

Coral reef on the beach in Nauru. Photo by D-Online

If you're the kind of lost soul who loves isolation, knowing your neighbors, and an ocean breeze, then Nauru is for you. Clocking in at just eight square miles, Nauru is the third smallest country in the world (and the smallest island nation). With more than three hundred miles between her and the closest piece of land, well, I can't help but be amazed that anyone found their way to Nauru in the first place, let alone make their home there. I mean, what are the odds? So let's figure out … [Read more...]