Make Saint Patrick’s Day even better: pour a mug of Guinness…cake!


Your friends are about to come over for your annual Saint Patty's Day bash. They're expecting the corned beef and cabbage, the glittery green shamrocks on walls and hats alike. They're even expecting frosty mugs of beer. But they might not be expecting a cake they can "drink." We've been down this road before: ultra moist Guinness Chocolate Cake with Bailey's Buttercream. But this year I gave the recipe a festive spin by serving it in a frosty beer mug. Not to worry -- this isn't about … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Ireland


THE SCENE There she was, sitting on the rickety bus bench, fiddling with her cellphone. As I drove by I looked at her. She was old - ancient, really. Her head, lost under the brim of her giant camo hat, barely came up over the bench she was sitting on. Not quite four feet tall, her tiny frame was lost in a sea of plastic bags - filled with enough food to last her the week. I've watched her for the last few years, the way a busy person observes the changing foliage - in regretful passing. … [Read more...]

Recipe: Irish Brown n’ Oat Soda Bread


Makes 1 loaf I like a bread that can stick to my ribs, but not necessarily to my hips. I don't think I'm asking too much, and I think I just may have found the answer to my prayers with this Irish Brown n' Oat Soda Bread. It's healthy (75% whole wheat) and hearty (thanks to a happy sprinkle of oats). This dense, savory, crusty quickbread is best eaten warm, slathered with butter, even though the butter will definitely stick to your ribs and your hips. It's worth it, though. Feel free to … [Read more...]

Recipe: Boxty Pancakes

Makes 5.5 cups batter I like a good excuse to dance in the morning. Preferably while in my fuzzy bathrobe, with spatula in hand (for a microphone, of course), while singing 100% off-key. Boxty pancakes are just the ticket. They look like a thick crêpe, but taste more like the love-child of tangy mashed potatoes and hash browns. These filling, stick-to-your-ribs pancakes are often used to wrap up food, from meat and gravy, to scrambled eggs. Best of all, cooks everywhere dance a little … [Read more...]

Recipe: Cashel Blue & Caramelized Onion Pizza


There's no quicker way to beat the blues than to dig into a slice of pizza. Irish pizza. I know what you're thinking. I thought the same thing. But, trust me - while pizza may not sound very Irish, it is, in fact, much beloved on the Emerald Isle. They simply add a little something special, to make it their own. Let's zoom in for a close up, shall we? Did you see the secret ingredient? When you bite in, it'll be tingly. Creamy. Almost spicy. For cheese lover's … [Read more...]

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Bailey’s Buttercream


Makes an 8" layered cake So here we are, cooking the world A-Z... and I come across this epic Irish cake. I make this adaptation and... just like that - my life is complete. I don't have time to do my hair or makeup, but - I promise you - I'll always have time for this cake. It's rich and dark, like an Irish sky at midnight... brightened by sweet, sweet Bailey's buttercream, which gilds everything like moonlight. The perfect pair. The perfect balance. Especially for breakfast. … [Read more...]

Menu: Ireland


See that moisture in Ava's hair? Yeah. It's not dew. The thermometer read 114F yesterday. This is the kind of heat that sticks to your hair - even with the air conditioner on full blast. Considering the conditions (forecast of 116 today!), I desperately wanted to avoid the stove this week. I looked at cookbook after Irish cookbook. Yet, try as I might, there was no way to avoid turning on the stove for our Irish Global Table. We're talking about a country that eats stews. Roasts. … [Read more...]

About the food of Ireland

Photo by Ian Macnab

Collnaharragill Upper, Kerry. Photo by Ian Macnab Ah, Ireland. You caught me off guard. You see, this week I knew to expect the trinity... Potatoes. Guinness. Meat.  But, as an Italian-Hungarian-American, the last thing I expected to discover was that my childhood diet often beared a striking resemblance to that of an Irishman. We ate potatoes mashed with carrots and turnips. We ate homemade soda bread [recipe], slathered with soft butter. We even ate roast lamb with mint … [Read more...]