Interview: Six Questions with David Lebovitz


David Lebovitz lives a food-lover's dream in Paris. His site is full of personal stories, incredible recipes, impromptu foodie tours, and insight into the blogging world. His gorgeous photography will make you hungry for brown bread ice cream, salted butter caramels, and strawberries turned into frozen yogurt. And that's just the beginning. With David you can pick your poison. Want candied bacon ice cream? You're in luck - he's posted a recipe for it. Too tame? How about a scoop of … [Read more...]

Recipe: Artisan French Bread (or diary of a bread-aholic)


Makes about 3 loaves My toes curled when I took my first bite of French bread - a baguette, still warm from the oven. Even years later - hundreds of baguettes later - I could not understand how my French friend, Julie, was able to restrict herself to one slice with dinner. Her entire family was that way - they'd had good bread their entire lives. I was unable to be so moderate. Entire baguettes could disappear into my belly in an afternoon. I gained 15 pounds living in Paris, around the … [Read more...]

Menu: France


The look on Ava's face says it all - a child is never too young to help... to play in the kitchen... to experience the magic of food. Dear readers, thank you for reading.  You came, you voted, and now... without further ado, I present your French menu, sampler style. Thank you for making my belly happy and taking me on a journey back to Paris. Yesterday I laughed and cried. Looking forward to the rest of the week. Teardrop Onion Soup (French Onion Soup) [Recipe] This classic Parisian soup is … [Read more...]

About the food of France


I moved to Paris when I was 13, just weeks after my brother died. He was a year and a half older than me. His death was sudden and I was a mess. Paris was not so much a new chapter, as an entirely new book in my life. I wasn't yet ready for hope, but the distraction of a foreign country proved perfect. When I stepped off the plane I was tired.  The air was thick and heavy and the cold stone of the surrounding buildings was grey, grey, grey. My French-speaking aunt greeted me with what else, … [Read more...]