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Filipino Garlic Rice

  A Labor of Love I have a garden. It's small - an L-shaped  raised bed built with heavy stones. In it I have a few tomato plants, basil, thyme, parsley, chives, and lemongrass. There's also an abundance of mums; they come back every year and explode with burgundy, gold, and white in the autumn. Just next to the wall is my terracotta strawberry planter, perched atop a pedestal of chubby cherubs. It's about as idyllic as my corner of the world gets. This is the first year I've … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Philippines

Sasha and keith at global vision dinner

We all have mountains to climb  (or, since this is the Philippines' week at the Global Table, we all have volcanoes to climb). To cook the Philippines, I rolled two dozen lumpia shanghai, simmered pork adobo with a house-cleansing formula of vinegar and bay leaf, and slurped on bubbly, ooey, gooey sago at gulaman. And none of it was easy. Every step of the way, I felt like I was trudging on the steep side of a cold volcano. Until I got to the vista. You see, this week's cooking was … [Read more...]

Recipe: Filipino Braised Pork Adobo


Sometimes I have to play games to get through a busy day with a smile. Here are some good things that help me out (in no particular order): - watching the sun peek through the clouds. - listening to my shoes squeak in the library. - counting how often our daughter giggles. - feeling her small hand in mine. Other times it's all about vinegar, slowly reduced with soy sauce and brown sugar, with a hit of black peppercorn and bay leaf. What? I know, I know. But it's true. As a long time fan … [Read more...]

Recipe: Tapioca & Jello Sipper | Sago at Gulaman


It's Friday. We all need a little love. A quick fix to carry us into the weekend, Filipino-style. Also, we're on our way to October, which means we're on our way to Halloween... The answer? <gulp> Sago at Gulaman, a.k.a. Tapioca and Jello Sipper. This drink hardly even needs a recipe. First step, make some jello. For brownie points, make agar agar "jelly." Agar agar is seaweed based and sets up at room temperature. Very cool. You can find it on the international aisle of Whole … [Read more...]

Recipe: Lumpia Shanghai


Are you the sun or the moon? Do you shine hot and bright, or glow cool and blue? Is there a better of the two? There's a Filipino folk tale that says the sun and moon once had an argument. The sun angrily told the moon "you only shine because I shine on you." The moon spat back, "no one likes you because you're too hot - at least at night the women can go out and dance under my cool glow." This made the sun so angry, she threw sand in the moon's face. And that's how they say the moon got … [Read more...]

Menu: Philippines (& Giveaway)


Yum. That's all I can say. Slow cooked pork, crispy lumpia, and a sweet, jiggly drink... this is our little taste of the Philippines. We're talking bold flavors and big bites. Perfect for your fall table. All recipes and the meal review will be posted throughout the week. Lumpia Shanghai [Recipe] This is the long, flaky cousin to the egg roll - a shatteringly thin wrapper stuffed with ground pork, carrot, green onion, and jicama then fried to deep golden perfection. Filipino Braised Pork … [Read more...]

About the food of the Philippines

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol Province, Philippines. Photo by Ramir Borja.

Welcome to our week at the Filipino Global Table, where you can stovetop travel your way to these 7, 107 tropical islands in the western Pacific ocean. Tucked between her mountains, tropical rain forests, and gorgeous coasts live 28 million people who enjoy a diet with influences from Spain, China, and Malaysia and beyond. The food packs a serious punch. According to wikipedia, "Filipino cuisine is distinguished by its bold combination of sweet (tamis), sour (asim), and salty (alat) flavors. … [Read more...]