Monday Meal Review: Indonesia


THE SCENE I threw my head back and stared at the ceiling. "Seriously?" I muttered. With an irritated flick, I tossed the latest item on top of the quickly growing mound of clothing. Just like all the others, this - my favorite baby blue dress - was smattered with dark, oily grease stains. The sad truth had made itself apparent: I cannot be trusted apronless around salad dressing, cooking oil, or butter. Before I knew it, what started off as an innocent attempt to get dressed, … [Read more...]

Recipe: Indonesian Beef Satay


Serves 2-4 Do you get hungry late, late, late - in the dark corners of the night? Does your stomach growl? Your mind race? Do you ever feel like you need a big bite of goodness before you can roll over and snooze? Me, too. Indonesian Beef Satay is just the ticket. Believe me when I say I would turn on my grill at midnight to eat this satay. Here's the truth: I've never simply sat and eaten a half pound of meat in my entire life. I'm just not that into meat. Until … [Read more...]

Recipe: Indonesian Peanut Sauce


Makes 2 1/2 cups I've discovered the secret to a happy belly. Indonesian Peanut Sauce. This is not just any peanut sauce. This is the kind of peanut sauce that leaves you wondering. Hoping. Dreaming. Wishing for more. This sauce is complex. Interesting. Mysterious - full of wonderful flavors you can't quite identify. Flavors that'll make you nibble and nibble - until, eventually, you give up trying to figure everything out all the time and simply enjoy. NOTE: Vegetarians and … [Read more...]

Is that peanut butter on your salad? (Gado Gado)


Nope. That would be weird. No, this is peanut sauce, the perfect complement to Gado Gado. And what is Gado Gado, you ask? The coolest way to stay cool in Indonesia. Made from an assortment of tofu, tempeh, young jack fruit, cooled boiled potatoes, eggs, and green beans, Gado Gado is a dream-come-true for those of us who like to use leftovers. Of course, to keep things fresh and crunchy, most Gado Gado salads also add a blast of cabbage and sprouts. If that sounds too healthy, … [Read more...]

Recipe: Indonesian Fried Rice with cow’s eyes (Nasi Goreng)


Serves 2-4 Let's get up and greet the day like an Indonesian. Stretch your arms to the sky. Touch the earth. Pile your plate with fried rice. And cow's eyes. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mean a cow's cow eyes. I mean fried eggs. That's simply what they call them in Indonesia. As far as breakfast goes, Nasi Goreng is incredibly satisfying. Especially if you eat it on top of an 8th century Buddhist monument. And why not? With stove-top travel, we can go wherever we … [Read more...]

Menu: Indonesia


Life is moving along at a pretty good clip. I officially have a two year-old. We're eating Indonesia. My hair is grayer than ever. Yep, that about sums it up! I'm really excited about our Indonesian recipes because they cover the gamut, from vegetarian delight to meat lover's lovely love-fest. There's something for everyone. What sounds good to you? Gado Gado (Indonesian Salad) [recipe] This is one of the most popular salads in Indonesia. Most versions include young jackfruit, … [Read more...]

About the food of Indonesia


Not hundreds. Not thousands. Not even 17,000.  Nope. Experts state that "more than 17,000 islands make up Indonesia." Either they lost count or they simply wanted an even number. Regardless, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with over 300 languages spoken. And, guess what? 11,000 of those islands are uninhabited. I wonder, if I'm really nice, if they'll let me have one? Hmm. Maybe not. Of course, I'll be happy to settle for a few Indonesian meals. The food … [Read more...]