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Monday Meal Review: Indonesia

THE SCENE I threw my head back and stared at the ceiling. “Seriously?” I muttered. With an irritated flick, I tossed the latest item on top of the quickly growing mound of clothing. Just like all the others, this – my favorite baby blue dress – was smattered with dark, oily grease stains. The sad truth had made itself apparent: I cannot be trusted apronless around salad dressing, cooking oil, or butter.┬áBefore I knew it, what started off as an innocent attempt to get dressed, quickly disintegrated into rummaging to find even one single top that was spatter-free. Then, I got so fed up with the situation that I took it to the next level of┬áneurosis, and began on an all-out closet cleaning. As in: all out. Only things I loved made it back in. The rest ended up in one of two monstrous piles. Pile A was dedicated to these dirty looking grease-wrecks (destined for spot scrubbing with bar soap), and Pile B was dedicated to clothes I was ready to donate. I was …


Indonesian Beef Satay

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