Monday Meal Review: Bhutan


This is meal #20 in my personal challenge to eat one meal from every country in the world. Last week, during our Beninese Global Table, we were in the midst of expelling an evil kidney stone. I'm sad to say the misery continues. Poor Keith is a trooper, but he's getting a little ansy to do something besides pain pills. I have high hopes that this week's Bhutanese Global Table will get Keith's Kidney Stone a-movin.' All that spice and butter has to be good for something (besides tasty … [Read more...]

Recipe: Butter Tea


Serves 1 Butter and tea are two of my favorite things! :) ¬†This rich and flavorful drink is popular in Bhutan, especially during the cold winter months. The secret is to stir the tea vigorously/froth to blend and eliminate any the "greasiness." Ingredients: All ingredients are to taste. Hot water Black Tea Butter (preferably Yak butter, if available) Milk or cream Method: 1. ¬†Boil water. Add tea to desired strength. I like 1 teabag per cup. 2. Add butter and … [Read more...]

Recipe: Cracked Red Rice


Serves 2-4 Red Rice is enjoyed in Bhutan, especially under spicy curries, like Ema Datshi. Ingredients: 1 tsp oil 2 cups water 1 cup cracked red rice salt & pepper Method: 1. Add oil and rice to a small pot over medium heat. Toast rice for a few minutes. Add water and seasonings. Bring to a boil. 2. Cover and reduce to a simmer. Cook for 16 minutes. Don't peek! I want you to promise... 3. Remove from heat and uncover. Let sit for 5 minutes and fluff with a fork. … [Read more...]

Recipe: Butter Grilled Poblanos


Makes 1 Butter Grilled Poblano Here's to my new favorite way to eat peppers! I got the idea from Kunzang Choden, a Bhutanese author who speaks of her father grilling chili peppers this way. We had to wait as he incised slits in the chillies and filled them with fresh butter and salt. When the chillies were ready they were put on bamboo skewers and placed over the flames in the hearth. After much sizzling and hissing took place, each of us received two to three chillies on our rice. The … [Read more...]

Recipe: Ema Datshi (Chili Cheese Stew/Curry)


Serves 2-4 Ema Datshi is considered the national dish of Bhutan and it's traditionally screaming hot! Use whatever chili peppers you like, from mild poblano, to scorching thai bird chilies. My blend of Anaheim and Serrano chilies is very hot, but you can reduce the heat by leaving out the seeds. In Bhutan they serve Ema Datshi over rice (pictured here with cracked red rice). My husband likes dipping corn chips into the cheesy goodness. I'd like to tell you he's a fool but, really, the … [Read more...]

Bhutan demonstrates how to rethink happiness Does Bhutan know something we don't know? They're awful happy! This video suggests rethinking happiness may be as simple learning from Bhutan's culture, dragon king, and more ... Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Fun Fact Friday: Bhutan (with poll)


Happy Friday everyone! My Bhutanese Fun Facts got a little ... er ... racy this week. My apologies, in advance. I made every effort to keep things PG 13. Enjoy! When falling of a cliff is a good thing... In parts of eastern Bhutan it is forbidden to kill an animal. However, if the animal falls of a cliff and dies, then the meat can be consumed. Cooking is simple when the main ingredient is always the same... Most meals have chili peppers in them, which can be bought in abundance at the … [Read more...]

Technique Thursday: Recipe & 5 Tips for a Great Fruit Salad


The crimes of fruit salad are many: not ripe, over ripe, tart, bitter, warm, rotten ... Because of these transgressions fruit salad has become the "Fruit Cake" of summer barbecues - a popular dish that only the brave eat. This week I made a Himalayan inspired Fruit Salad (just mango, red banana, and papaya) for our Bhutanese Global Table. In my interpretation, I decided to avoid the many pitfalls of regular fruit salad and serve it as elegant finger food. In this format each piece of fruit … [Read more...]