Monday Meal Review: Mali


THE SCENE I drop the Maasa batter into the hot pan, wiping the tears from my cheeks. I want to be somewhere else, away from this terrible, no good day. It's been one of those days I sigh to the cat, Malky. Now, as the batter puffs up into a crispy, golden disc, my focus slowly shifts from my frustrations to the smells and sights in front of me. My mouth waters. My stomach does a summersault. I flip the Maasa and realize these pancake-donut treats were going to be … [Read more...]

Recipe: Vanilla Ginger Bissap (with poll)


Most days I drink three cups of tea. Sometimes more. Every day, at about the same time, I'm ready for my evening cup of deliciousness. Usually the sun has dipped below the horizon, lending a hazy glow to the darkening sky, and I desire little more than to sneak under a soft throw on the couch. With every sip I slip away. This is when I unwind. This is when I daydream. Even if I drink the same tea all day long, this cup tastes different. This cup is therapy. During these calm … [Read more...]

Recipe: Mali’s Gluten-free “Pancake Doughnuts” (Maasa)

Photo of mosque in Timbuktu by KaTeznik

Sometimes waking up to pancakes just isn't enough. Sometimes I want to travel to Africa all in a single morning - all the way to Timbuktu - and be home in time to take my daughter to the park. And then I want a doughnut. Is that too much to ask? I think not. Enter our hero - today's recipe for the eager stovetop traveler - Maasa. Maasa is a special gift for our gluten-free stovetop travelers. (Hi, there. I hope you are hungry!) Every once in a while I happen upon a recipe that is … [Read more...]

Menu: Mali


Question: What does Supergirl, a tea party, and gluten free food all have in common? They all make an appearance during this week's Malian Global Table. That's pretty epic. And oddball. The perfect combination, if you ask me. I kept things simple this week, as I'm still recovering from last week's surprise birthday celebration for my mom. What sounds good to you? Recipe: Mali's Gluten-free "Pancake Donuts" (Maasa) [Recipe] Made with millet and rice flours and topped with a flurry of powdered … [Read more...]

About the food of Mali


Mali is a dusty daydream away, down a lazy river, where dotted villages slip by, one by one, until forever. Of course, my first encounter with Mali wasn't nearly so romantic, once I dug into the details. You see, I was watching a video on YouTube. When I read the caption I about fell over.  Here is what it said: "This footage was taken on a 3 day trip from Mopti to Timbuktu on a cargo pinasse. No stopping. No toilets. No beds. You should try it." Wowzers. Talk about a challenge, considering … [Read more...]