Monday Meal Review: Malawi

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THE SCENE I look at the cooled, heart-shaped biscuits from Malawi. The electric, sunny color stuns me. But there is no time to dilly dally. I am late. Quickly, I tuck two of the hearts into a ziplock baggie and pour Ava into her oversized winter coat. The fur lining makes her look like a little lion. I roar at her as we jog to the car. She giggles. When I walk into the Global Garden classroom at Rosa Parks Elementary school twenty minutes later, a dozen 3rd and 4th graders look over. They … [Read more...]

Recipe: Malawi Peanut Balls (Mtedza)

I adore when this around the world culinary journey takes me by surprise. Here we are, the week of Valentine's day, and I'm in Malawi - practically the heart of Africa. I had it in my head that I probably wouldn't find anything particularly appropriate for Valentine's Day. Turns out I was wrong. While I didn't dig up any chocolate kisses or champagne mixers, I did find the lovely Sunrise Biscuits and today's addictive groundnut cookie (that's what Africans call peanuts). Thank goodness, … [Read more...]

Recipe: Dipping sauce with Chippies (Tsabola) (w/ poll)

Today's fun recipe is a 5 minute African salsa.  You'll need two accessories to make this snack completely Malawi, however: blue pastic bags and your most favorite potato wedges. Here's how it works: simply chop up onions, tomatoes, hot peri peri peppers (I used Thai bird chilies). Mix it all around with loads of salt. While I normally go light on the salt, you need to use a heavy hand when making Tsabola ... as Brittany (Be-ing Brittany), a Community Health Advisor in Malawi, tells … [Read more...]

Recipe: Sunrise Biscuits (Mbatata)

Valentine's Day is for lazy mornings. For PJ's all day. Breakfast in bed with your favorite cup of tea. Sunny smiles. And then there's real life. Husbands go to work. Your cat uses your favorite chair as a scratching post. And, over the course of 45 seconds, your child has the following conversation with you, in regards to said cat: "I want to sit there" "It's my turn to play with that toy" "He poked me with his paw" "Wahhhhhhhhh" The main difference between this and having … [Read more...]

Menu: Malawi


When I looked at the calendar and realized Malawi week at the Global Table led right up to Valentine's Day, I thought how ironic. Surely Malawi's only exposure, if any, to Valentine's Day comes from tourists and international volunteers. I'll never be able to find any food to fit this romantic season we're in. Boy, was I wrong.  A quick peek online showed me that, in fact, many Malawians do know and think about Valentine's Day. This video exploring the topic made me smile. So get ready … [Read more...]

About the food of Malawi

Lake Malawi. Photo by Steve Evans.

Malawi undulates and ambles along eastern Africa - a collection of soft rolling hills and glistening lake waters, dotted with thatched villages, dusty courtyards, and a healthy array of vivid, green trees. The land is striking and, yet, completely new to me. When it comes to mealtime, I was immediately intrigued by the street food. First, there's grilled mice, boiled goat liver, banana fritters (zitumbuwa) and chippies. The first two I witnessed in travel videos. I read about chippies on … [Read more...]