Recipe: Uruguayan Hot Dog | Pancho

Yes, that’s corn on a hot dog. Listen, friends: if  you’re going to have a hot dog, you might as well have a Uruguayan one. Sure, it might just cost a buck or two, but…

They’re amazing. Dramatic. Game changers.

If this seems like a lot of responsibility for a hot dog, that’s because it is.

The pancho’s success is not so much about the meat, though it’s true:  the “dog” is usually bigger and better than your average hot dog (it sticks out a good inch or two on either side of the bun).

But when it comes down to it, the pancho is all about the toppings.

At many pancho stands, you’ll find some combination of corn, melted cheese, relish, salsa, and especially “salsa golf,” which is a blend of mayo and ketchup.


You can eyeball the salsa golf: aim for half of each… and it’ll be pale

There’s not much of a recipe…. simply grill a batch of extra-long hot dogs, provide a small bowl of each topping, and let your guests decide how they’ll decorate their pancho.

You might want to serve some fries on the side. I went with sweet potato fries, not because they are the most traditional by any means, but because that’s what I had on hand.

So, do you think your family and friends would go for this kind of hot dog?

I think it might be a good “gateway” food for picky eaters and global cuisine… do you agree?

Either way, enjoy with a stunning view, at the edge of here and there.

Pocitos neighbourhood in Montevideo, Uruguay. Photo by Libertinus.

Pocitos neighbourhood in Montevideo, Uruguay. Photo by Libertinus.


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  1. This post brought me memories of my college days in Sao Paulo – little stands sell hot dogs and they were all about the toppings. One topping in particular came to my mind: mashed potatoes! Yes, yes, yes… and it was delicious, often topped with a little vinaigrette sauce made with tomatoes, onions, peppers – describing it makes no justice. You gotta try it to fall in love with it!

    Nice to see a loaded hot dog from the neighbors, Uruguay!

    • Actually, one of my favorite pizza’s is a mashed potato pizza from BAR in New Haven, CT. Brilliant stuff, it just works.

      Other countries in South America do the crazy hot dog thing too. Funny how american toppings tend to stay toward the germanic.

  2. I think anyone would go for this meal! It all looks delicious. The sweet potato fries–did you make them? Yum!

  3. Sasha,
    I am sure you saw this site on flags made out of food. Very nice.
    Will be there for sure at the Philbrook finale, will be there too this weekend for the second Sat thing.

  4. Yum! That is all.

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