Menu: Micronesia


This week we're enjoying a sampler-style menu based on Micronesia's beloved citrus fruit. Each of the recipes I selected for you is bursting with fresh squeezed lime and orange juices. And, given my family's reaction, I should warn you: they just might make you silly. Especially that crazy orange coconut cake. Speaking of crazy, have you heard the expression "cray cray"? I really amused myself reading the various definitions of this expression in the urban dictionary. I can't quite decide if … [Read more...]

About the food of Micronesia

Sunset at Colonia, Yap (taken from Manta Ray Hotel). Photo by Eric Guinther

Micronesia and her gaggle of islands amaze me. She is a dream - half a world away. There is not a lot of information to be found about her thousands of islands because many of them are, at best, sparsely settled.  In an effort to delve deeper into the cuisine of this sprawling federation, I used one of my more recent tactics to educate myself on the cuisine: contacting a local. I love this technique. Emailing with someone halfway around the world makes me happy. While I've done it here … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Mexico


THE SCENE: I wipe the sweat from my forehead. "Why is it 92 degrees in March?" I ask the cat. Malky draws his back up into a leisurely stretch, pads lightly onto the floor, and lets out a startlingly abrasive meow. Apparently he doesn't care. He is ready to go outside. I crack open the door enough to smell the humidity and watch his tail flick out into the sunshine. I shake my head and get back to work. The blender cranks into high gear as I buzz together the homemade rice and … [Read more...]

Recipe: Cheesy Roasted Poblanos (Rajas con Crema)

Listen. Not everything has to look perfect. We don't always need lipstick and hair straighteners (In fact, I haven't seen either of those since Ava started crawling). Some days I don't even look in a mirror until night time. Until it's too late. Let yourself off the hook once in a while. Let your hair down. Smear your lips with chapstick and call it good. While you're at it, eat messy food. Because, no matter how it looks, if it tastes good, then all is well in your world. Which … [Read more...]

Recipe: Strawberry Almond Horchata

There should be a rule. Whenever the weather is sunny and fine, when it is hot enough to swim in the deep seas - you should absolutely swim. Even if you forgot your bathing suit. Likewise, if you are ever offered horchata - the famous Mexican summertime sipper - consider yourself lucky and drink, drink, drink. The freedom of swimming, no matter what - that's what I taste in this drink. This is a summer's worth of happy - chilled and served with a straw. You'll taste almond and rice milk. … [Read more...]

Recipe: 5 Step Mole Poblano


I'll be honest. On the onset, learning how to make Mole Poblano sounded a lot like learning how to knit a wedding dress. Outrageously epic, but not entirely something I had the skills for. In case you've never heard of it, we're talking a Mexican recipe from Puebla that has a million, gazillion ingredients (ok, really just about two dozen), many cooking phases, and centuries of history behind it. Yikes. After staring at dozens of recipes, drinking several cups of tea, and more than a … [Read more...]

Menu: Mexico

After letting you all decide our fate for this week's Global Table in polls, I am happy to present the menu - your menu. Each item won lovingly - with no close seconds. These are nibbles for rainy days, sunny days, and everything in between. You'll use your grill and your blender. You'll open wide and you'll dance on the roof. Well, maybe not on the last item... but you should. When was the last time you danced like a cat on a hot tin roof? Are you ready for Mexico? Rajas con Crema … [Read more...]

About the food of Mexico


My first time to Mexico was all "rainbows and puppy dogs." In fact, the only reason I got to go was because a co-worker broke up with his girlfriend and his two free tickets were simply passed down the line to me. A totally free vacation! In all my 27 years I had never won anything like this. The scene was set for perfection. There was just one catch: I found out on a Tuesday. The flight took off on a Thursday. There wasn't much time to plan. Keith (a.k.a. Mr Picky) - who had been my … [Read more...]