Recipe: Lithuanian-Inspired Deviled Eggs with Mushrooms (with poll)


Once, when I was in my first decade of life, I stared at a platter of chilled, "eyeball eggs," as I called them, and vowed to never, ever eat one. A temper tantrum may, or may not have been involved. Now, two decades later, here I am, on the other side of the fence, albeit somewhat mystified how it came to be that I now scan buffets for the little suckers. I think the name says it all; like the neighborhood bad boy, the deviled egg is a love-it or hate-it treat. And, as with wine and coffee, … [Read more...]

Recipe: Lithuanian Honey Spirits (Krupnikas)

The holidays are over. We stuffed our wrapping paper back into the closet and swept the confetti into the trash, right on top of the party hats that say 2012. The cookies and the friendly buffets of family favorites are long since gone, replaced by soulless detoxes and way-too-skinny drinks. I know some of us are even thinking about spring - scanning the frozen ground, vainly hoping to see some stray spot of green, willing a warm gust of air to come our way, instead of a moveable wall of … [Read more...]

Menu: Lithuania

The other day we took Ava on a hike in the woods and pretended we were exploring Lithuania. We brought a backpack to carry her when she got tired, which I expected to be about three minutes down the trail considering she's only 2 1/2. Fortyfive minutes later she was still happily scrambling over the trails. That day, Ava walked more than a mile; clearly I've been underestimating her tiny baby legs. Now she gets to walk a lot - I let her walk the half mile to the library, school and grocery … [Read more...]

About the food of Lithuania

Lithuanian town. Photo by E.Giedraitis

Every country is special. And I don't mean that in a trite way. Time and time again, this Adventure has shown me how every country has it's bragging rights. Well, it turns out lil' ol' Lithuania is literally the center of Europe. Not too shabby. Some French researchers figured it out (read more about how they determined this). So, this week, while we dive into the food of Lithuania, let's imagine ourselves perched atop a picnic blanket on that grey compass which marks this nexus of … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Liechtenstein

THE SCENE: The timer's high pitched chirp let's me know; time to serve the King's Cake. While I'd rather curl up in bed and wait for the fever to subside, the bright scent of orange zest and warm, sweet raisins lure me onward. I pull the hot rolls from the oven and brush them with three coats of apricot glaze. They take on a glossy shine and begin to smell like a fruit orchard in autumn. Then comes the sugar - a snowfall of crunchy, sparkly turbinado goodness. It sticks easily to the … [Read more...]

Recipe: Triple Cheesy Pasta with Sweet Onion (Käsknöpfle)

When I told Keith, a.k.a. Mr Picky, what was for dinner this week, he said "Bless you." You try saying it - Käsknöpfle - and see if you get the same response. Some words just sound like a sneeze, I guess. But don't let that fool you. This week's Käsknöpfle is ... ahem... nothing to sneeze at. This wonderful, cheesy pasta dish enjoyed in Liechtenstein is like mac and cheese, but all grown up ... a meal that has had a few years to explore the world and came back refreshed and … [Read more...]

Recipe: Wooden Spoon Applesauce (with poll)

Sometimes I buy fruit and it just... sits there. Life takes over. I go for hikes, I play catch with my daughter, I eat the candy from my stocking, and... before I know it, I just forget to eat them. I do this a lot with apples because they last so long and are so forgiving. Eventually, the time comes when they lose a bit of shine and a few bruises pop up. If this should happen to you, applesauce is the way to go. I didn't realize how easy it would be to make until I did it this week. … [Read more...]

Recipe: A Cake for 3 Kings (Dreikönigskuchen)

Epiphany. People use the word to say they had a great idea. Like the proverbial lightbulb going off over one's head. But we're not going to eat lighbulbs today. Nope. Epiphany is the time of year that Liechtenstein, as well as many other countries around the world, celebrate "little Christmas." This national holiday is celebrated on January 6 and is a nod to the late arrival of the 3 kings to the very first Christmas party... afterall, they did hike quite a ways to get to Bethlehem. Calling … [Read more...]