Recipe: Lao Rice Noodle Soup (Foe)


It's time we take back the expression "Have it your way" from that mega corporate burger joint and put it back where it belongs - into our homes, onto our own homemade-with-love meals. Take this soup from Laos, for example. Traditionally served for breakfast, but great any time of day, Foe is a celebration of individuality, creativity and having it exactly how you want it - without chemicals, junk and gunk. Foe is a rice noodle soup from Laos, typically made with beef, pork or chicken. In … [Read more...]

Menu: Laos


Considering I knew nothing about Laos prior to this Adventure, there was quite a bit of excitement this week. The more I read about the food the more butterflies I got. Delicious. Warming. Fresh. But when I shut the books the butterflies kept coming. I thought perhaps it was because we've had two earthquakes in 2 days. Or because during the second earthquake we had a tornado warning. And then I realized it is because Keith is going to be a grandfather And by extension, me too - … [Read more...]

About the food of Laos: Finding the Holy Grail

Child with water buffalo. Photo by Paulrudd.

Sometimes I feel like a knight in shining armor, valiantly seeking to uncover the holy grail of food from each country we visit on this Adventure. A Knight of the Global Table, if you will. Well. Not two minutes into my quest to learn all about Laos I randomly ran across this popular breakfast item: baguette drizzled with sweetened condensed milk. What? How? Why? Well, the fact is it's true and I love it! Here's why: while not necessarily the holy grail of Laos, this unusual treat tells us two … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Kyrgyzstan


THE SCENE: Plain words, big love. The room is quiet. I scoop another bite of Oromo into my mouth. As I chew, I think about how perfectly surprised I am to find myself loving the combination of lamb and soft sweet potatoes. I start to say something about it, but instead catch myself looking at my husband who is happily and ever so quietly eating his meal. I wonder if he likes it. "My family is a family of gushers," I begin, forgetting about the flavor for a moment.  "When a meal … [Read more...]

Recipe: Minty Garlicky Yogurt Sauce


Minty Garlicky Yogurt is an oddball recipe. An oxymoron. Personally I love loads of garlic. I don't mind dragon breath. I don't mind scaring away the cat. So, I suppose Minty Garlicky yogurt sauce is good for people with garlic regret. As you eat it, the garlic infuses your breath but then - woops - the mint comes along for the ride, sweetening things up in the background. Of course, you'll probably still need to brush your teeth after eating this dip. You'll find similar recipes all over … [Read more...]

Recipe: Hot Honey Lemon with Vodka (Central Asia/Eastern Europe)


It's that time of year. Coughing. Sniffling. Sneezing. Right about now we all need a hug. And a big blast of disinfectant. Oh, and let's face it, something pretty. This lemony, sweet, cinnamony, vodka-tastic drink - popular all over central Asia and eastern Europe - takes care of it all. I especially love that the honey makes drinking it a huge bear hug (and would please grown-up Winnie the Pooh, I'm sure). The vodka is totally optional (Ava loved her booze-free version) but it does help … [Read more...]

Recipe: Kyrgyz stuffed & rolled pasta (Oromo)


Truth: anything coiled up is infinitely better than the same item not coiled. Think cinnamon rolls... princess Leia's hair... really flexible kitty cats napping... and now, as never seen in my kitchen before Global Table Adventure, Oromo. This Kyrgyz dish of rolled and coiled pasta filled with various stuffings is pure genius. Unlike Italian stuffed pastas, no cheese is used as binder. Instead the filling is commonly meat and veggies (such as sweet potatoes or pumpkin). While it remains a … [Read more...]

Menu: Kyrgyzstan

Welcome to November. Are you cold? Hot? Indifferent? For some inexplicable reason, November 1st in Tulsa, Oklahoma was 78F and just breezy enough to tickle a few golden, orange, and garnet leaves off the trees. As I walked Ava home from little school that same afternoon I decided that, yes, in fact, 78 and breezy is exactly the perfect temperature. I would make it my "every day" weather if I could. Just right for a t-shirt and jeans. Flip flops if one is feeling sassy. Yes, it was perfect for … [Read more...]