Arabian Cardamom Coffee

There’s nothing as relaxing as sharing a cup of coffee with a dear friend.

It helps you celebrate the life you are in. A part of the past. A bearer of the future.  Everything connected.

Roman columns in Jerash, Jordan. Photo by David Bjorgen.

There are even coffee ceremonies organized around this special drink, in which the raw beans are carefully washed before grinding and brewing.

To make an extra special pot of coffee, grind the seeds of 3-6 cardamom pods for every 1/4 cup of coffee.

Brew as normal – with a smile and a friend…

… while laughing about nothing at all.

And everything, too.

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  1. elisa waller says:

    <3 meh meh, Imiss you :-( your my "friend" in this post…love you!

  2. This is the best….

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