Recipe: Creamy Avocado and Date Dip/Spread

Serves 2-4 as a dip
4-6 as a sandwich spread

This dip/spread is a happy blend of sweet and creamy. In Cape Verde, they call this a salad and serve it with shrimp or prawn nestled on top. Personally, I like it spread on a hot turkey panini. If you want to add a kick of flavor, splash in a capful of brandy. (We omitted this step so that Ava could sample the dish).

According to Duffy in Cape Verde: “Cape Verdeans put sugar on [avocados], and not just a little bit of sugar but so much sugar that you can’t even taste the avocado.” In this recipe, natural dates (a popular north African ingredient) provide a similar sweetness.


2 ripe avocados
1-3 dates, minced
Capful of brandy (optional)


Scoop out the buttery flesh of two avocados and place in a mixing bowl. Reserve the shells.

Remove the seed from each date, then mince it up. Dates are incredibly sweet and sticky, so the minced dates clump together.

Add the dates to the avocados. I would do one at a time so that you can adjust to the sweetness you like.

Mash together and spoon back into avocado shells.

Serve cool with extra dates on the side.


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  1. Keith Gennon says:


  2. Kay from Toronto says:

    Hmm. It certainly looks yummy! I don’t do alcohol, but I will certainly try an avocado-date mixture. I wonder if maybe a splash of apple cider vinegar would do the trick. I hear what you said in the review about wanting to add salt. Maybe some finely chopped green onions. This one’s for playing!

    • globaltable says:

      Yes, I need to experiment with it some more… I like the idea of a bit of vinegar for some kick. Let me know if you come up with a good combo :)

  3. I am Cape Verdean and remember my mother putting sugar on avocados for a snack! Not too much but just enough, love it! I will have to try this. Sounds yummy!!!

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