Video Saturday: Australian Cooking Show

See how to make kangaroo plus other dishes... these guys have several episodes of Aussie cooking on YouTube. [youtube=] And listen to that famous, oh so cool, Aboriginal music. [youtube=] … [Read more...]

Video Saturday: Sasha (that’s me!!) in the news

Here's the FOX 23 news clip featuring Global Table! Me, my daughter and my husband all make an appearance... A Tulsa Mom Cooks Her Way 'Round The World There are "behind the scene" photos on our Facebook fan page as well... Enjoy!! … [Read more...]

Would you dare? (Video & Poll included)

Trout is a favorite in Andorra. They serve the fish whole, either grilled or pan-fried. I found this video to show you just how easy it is to prepare fish this way. [youtube=] I have a few friends that will not touch a whole fish. They say the eyes bug them out. Even knowing that this is the tastiest way to eat a fish does not convince them. So what about you? Would you dare?   … [Read more...]

While I’m cooking: Algerian music videos

Here's an Algerian music video...the singer got in a lot of trouble for this and ended up fleeing to France: [youtube=] Here's a video slideshow of Algerian people, places, foods, etc. Towards the end there are some beautiful pictures of the countryside. [youtube=] … [Read more...]