While I’m cooking: Benin (Video)

The first three and a half minutes of this video tell the story of a couple who are engaged. In the story the man's friend makes a pass on the woman. She refuses his advances and tells her fiancé what happened. The fiance then goes to confront him, but the friend says that he was just testing the woman's fidelity. The singer says for us to judge for ourselves. Then the chorus says that the friendship is true. After 3'30 the people start dancing a really interesting local … [Read more...]

Video Saturday: “Armenian Folk Medly” (sic)

Shakila is a famous Persian singer. Listen to her gorgeous voice as she sings Armenian Folk Medly (sic). Even if you don't know exactly what she's saying, the high quality video tells the story. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWXUK_YLoNQ] See you on Monday... I'll have recipes and the Armenian Monday Meal Review! Have a wonderful weekend! … [Read more...]