Recipe: Strawberry Kisiel (Thick Strawberry Puree)


Makes about 1 1/2 quarts Strawberry Kisiel is easy to make and very tasty. The sweet dessert remains light and refreshing. Unless, of course, you serve it over a bowl of vanilla ice cream... which I totally recommend. Ingredients: 1 lb fresh strawberries (or other seasonal berries) 4 cups water 4 Tbsp cornstarch sugar to taste (between 1/2 and 1 cup is about right) Method: 1. Puree strawberries with sugar in a blender or food processor. Pour into a pot and heat over … [Read more...]

Recipe: Firnee (Cardamom & Rose Water Custard)


Serves 4 The bold flavors of Firnee¬†will shock the western palette.¬†Rose water and Cardamom dominate this delightfully creamy custard, while the ground nuts add a mystifying texture. Ingredients: 2 1/4 cup whole milk 1 cup sugar 4 Tbsp cornstarch 1 tsp ground cardamom 1 capful rosewater 2-4 Tbsp pistachios, finely ground 12 whole pistachios for garnish Method: 1. Heat milk in a small, heavy bottomed saucepan over low heat. 2. In a small cup mix cornstarch with a few … [Read more...]