Video Saturday: Andorran Videos

This is a travel video showing some highlights of Andorra: [youtube=] [youtube=] This video is just a scenic ride through a valley in Andorra. Gosh, how beautiful! [youtube=] Here is a video showing some of the restaurants in … [Read more...]

While I’m cooking: Algerian music videos

Here's an Algerian music video...the singer got in a lot of trouble for this and ended up fleeing to France: [youtube=] Here's a video slideshow of Algerian people, places, foods, etc. Towards the end there are some beautiful pictures of the countryside. [youtube=] … [Read more...]

Video: Albanian Music

Today I am sharing two Albanian music videos. There really is no comparison because one is folk music and one is pop, however they will give you a taste of the variety the country has to offer. Albanian folk music from 1945: This is old school. I find it totally electrifying in a "I like to watch old movies" kind of way. [youtube=] Albaninan pop music from today: I can't really get past the rolling around on bathroom floors and the … [Read more...]

While I’m cooking…

... I want you to be entertained. Prepare to be mesmerized: [youtube=] Meal report with recipes and photos will be uploaded by Monday. Have a great weekend! … [Read more...]