Video Saturday: “Armenian Folk Medly” (sic)

Shakila is a famous Persian singer. Listen to her gorgeous voice as she sings Armenian Folk Medly (sic). Even if you don't know exactly what she's saying, the high quality video tells the story. [youtube=] See you on Monday... I'll have recipes and the Armenian Monday Meal Review! Have a wonderful weekend! … [Read more...]

Video: Albanian Music

Today I am sharing two Albanian music videos. There really is no comparison because one is folk music and one is pop, however they will give you a taste of the variety the country has to offer. Albanian folk music from 1945: This is old school. I find it totally electrifying in a "I like to watch old movies" kind of way. [youtube=] Albaninan pop music from today: I can't really get past the rolling around on bathroom floors and the … [Read more...]