While I’m Cooking: Videos

A happy man cooking BBQ in Belize: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bsf3Z6WPOwQ&NR=1] Belizean Fertility Dance: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soy6RIjQ9H4] … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Australian Barbie

Golden cake inside Lamingtons!

This is meal #9 in my personal challenge to eat one meal from every country in the world. "What's wrong?" I asked. For the third time Keith waved his hand over $50 dollars worth of kangaroo meat to feel the grill. "I don't know why the grill isn't hot," he muttered, "It's just warm. It won't get hot. The grill should be hot. I think it's out of gas." I looked over at our friends who were expecting their first taste of kangaroo any minute. A few glanced back at me. I felt my neck get … [Read more...]

Recipe: Aussie Burger

Aussies know how to stack a burger!

Serves 8 We had great fun with the Aussie Burger at our barbecue. Follow my tips to help you if you are expecting a big group of people. The pickled beetroot is a lot like pickle, so don't be shy! Ingredients: 8 hamburger buns 8 beef patties (or turkey) Toppings (all to taste): cooked bacon sliced cheddar cheese red onion, sliced thin into rings tomato, sliced thin pickled beetroot (beet), sliced thin lettuce pineapple rings 8 fried eggs, sunny side up Method: 1. … [Read more...]

Fun Fact Friday: Aussie Barbies, a.k.a. BBQ (POLL)


WHAT's SO GREAT ABOUT AUSSIE BARBIES? 1. They make the word "barbie" a whole lot manlier. You've all heard it before. There's nothing manlier than throwing hunks of meat on roaring flames, while sipping beer. Even calling barbecue a "barbie" doesn't make it any less manly. After all, in Australia, barbecue is (generally) men's work. You have to love that an entire country of men love playing with their Barbies. And, by that, I mean adjusting the flame... of course! Thank you Australia, … [Read more...]