Video & Poll: How to make Albanian Lamb in Yogurt

How do Albanians prepare their food? Who better to ask than a local... with an accent to die for. In this video a woman from central Albania prepares Tava Elbasani, Lamb in Yogurt. She literally bathes the lamb in yogurt prior to baking. The resulting gravy-custard is the most intruiging part of this dish. This Saturday I'll give it a whirl... would you? [youtube=] I really want to know... Would you? Could you? In your … [Read more...]

Menu: Albania


When the weather drops below 30, I crave hot, filling food. This last month Oklahoma saw snow, sleet, and ice, so I filled our menu with Albanian comfort food.  Mmm, I can hardly wait! Byrek ose Lakror (Leek Pie) [Recipe] Sautéed leeks and cottage cheese are the stars of this dish. Tava Elbasani (Lamb baked in yogurt) [Recipe] In central Albania lamb is traditionally baked in yogurt custard. This dish even makes mutton moist. Turli Perimesh (Vegetables with parsley) … [Read more...]

About Albanian Food – Single in Albania


Whimsical. A pinch of this. A dash of that. This is how I cook. This is not, however, how Albanians cook. In fact, they are known for choosing only one spice (or herb) to enhance each dish. According to the National Tourist Organization of Albania (NTOA), Albanian chefs rarely mix spices, instead choosing one that harmonizes most closely with the dish’s natural aroma. Red pepper, parsley, oregano, rosemary, and mint are common. Thanks to the climate Albanians can easily grow … [Read more...]